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  1. Status says “we are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization” for 7 days. How long does it normally take to get an interview date when the status shows this ??
  2. I had my biometrics for my I-751 done in April 2021. I just got a status updated on my N-400 saying biometrics appointment has been scheduled. I’m confused. How can they schedule a second one? If I’ve already had it done. Any ideas anyone????
  3. I actually have a piece of mail coming from USCIS today. Can’t wait to see what it is.
  4. milestone says attend your interview which that has to be wrong because I haven’t got any notice yet and when I haven’t even done my finger print yet and my 751 is still pending...
  5. Applied for N400 on March 7th. Received receipt notice online. Now waiting for biometrics appointment.. showing 7 months to finish. I doubt that.
  6. Sent 751 in March 2020 still haven’t received a date for finger print or nothing. I moved recently and updated address online but no updates yet. When I check status online keeps saying “case was received on” hasn’t moved past that. Anyone else on same page??
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