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    Social Security

    I second you...it was way easier than I tought it would be...I sent my AOS alication using my husband name without having any document with his name on it when time came, EAD came with married name on it and I just went to SS and DMV with not even a question about my name. It was way harder for me to change my name on my coutry of citizenship.
  2. May husband divorce was finalized in October of 2016 and we got married in February of 2017 and we just got APROVED in our interview last Friday! Relax, you should not have a problem if you have a real relationship. 😉
  3. Hello guys, sorry for the delay...so here is my interview experience at West Palm Beach Field Office on 05/11/2018. Our interview was supposed to be at 10:30 AM, we arrived at 9:50 AM, they called us in at around 11:45AM...when we got to the room, there were 2 chairs but she had 3 computer monitors on the desk and for that reason a choose to sit at the chair that would let her see me (she could not look at my husband at all...lol). She told us to stand up and sworn us in (you know how it goes). After that, she proceeded to ask us for the originals sent with our application (marriage certificate, previous marriage dissolution, birth certificate, etc.) She looked at all of them and compared to the copies that we submitted with our application. After that she looked at me and asked me if there was any proof of relationship that I wanted to add to the ones already submitted, I gave her some documents and asked her if she wanted to see some pictures...se said yes and made the first question: "So how did you guys meet?" (That was pretty much the only actual "question" that she made) I proceeded to tell her how we started talking over the internet in a poker room and that we finally got to meet in person about 16 months later (she asked if it was here) I told her it was in Mexico and that he went to Brazil about 2 1/2 months later. As I'm talking I'm showing the pictures that are related to the part of our history and she was pretty much curious about everything but not really making questions to challenge us. I would say, "after getting here in Florida, we got to make a bunch of friends and we do have a good support from them, you'll find in our package a letter of our good friends Nina and Henry and this is the pictures of him alking me down the isle, in this other picture over here is his wife and him making a funny with John and me, she is a very good friend and she is actually the one who braided my hair for the wedding and I got ready at their home". I showed her a picture of my matron of honor holding the tail of my dress and explained how she gifted John and me with her 25 years wedding band anniversary to be my wedding band. (she is a widow now and the gift meant a lot to us and I'm proud to wear it every day...it's absolutely beautiful). The conversation lasted for about 20 minutes and she didn't ask anything to my husband, only "why he decided to move to Florida after living his entire life in NY". She then proceeded to ask the form questions and asked me for my work permit, I gave it to her and she said: "I'm afraid that I'll have to take it from you". I said "WHY???" and I was so nervous that I didn't realise what she wanted to say, she then said "because you'll no longer need this"....and I said "I need that because I work!" and she started laughing and said "yes, but permanent residents do not need work permits, YOU'RE APPROVED!" It was like a 100 pounds were lifted from my shoulders...I was so happy that I can even describe. She explained to me that I'll have to apply for removal of condition in 2 years and that I might not even have to come back for an interview when I do, but due to the difference in age between us the officer responsible for the case might want to see us in person. When I got home I realized that I never gave her our most recent taxes and was a little worried about this. I have been looking at my status the entire weekend and no update so far...I think I'll only rest when my status changes online. Anyways, let me know if you guys want to know anything else and I'll be around to until every single June filler get their Green Card. Good luck to all of you and thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
  4. Guys, my interview just finished about an hour ago and I was approved on the spot! Will talk about my experience at West Palm Beach office after work, when I get back home...thank you all of you for everything!!! 😊
  5. Guys, my interview is going to be May 11th at 10:00am in West Palm Beach! Any advice? Thank you all! 😘
  6. No, I’m adjusting from a b1/b2...
  7. Congratulations to all of you that got your green card or approval letter! I just got a update on my case...but I’m a little confused, it said it is a “Employment Based Interview”, is it normal? Now I just have to wait for letter with interview information...nervous already!!! 😬😊
  8. I understand that CRBA is a Consular service, how does he procede with this if is is currently living in the US? Someone with a power of attorney could do it for him in Brazil?
  9. Okay guys, so if I understood correctly, he can use his passport only as a proof of citizenship and beside that, the right way to bring his family would be to file for his son's citzenship and then apply a I-130 for his wife. Is that correct? Thank you everyone for taking the time to help, it's very much appreciated!
  10. Well, It's the waiting game dear, I applied 2 weeks before you and I'm in the same situation...I even keep asking myself if my process have even been sent to the field office at all...my first thougt is that it is still at NBC but untill I get some update I'll never know...my case status still say "fingerprint fee was received" and my field office is West Palm Beach...288 days and counting! Best of luck and be patient.
  11. Thank you everyone for the answers! Here is the thing, the mother of the child have never been married before and he is the biological father of the child, HE is the one that was legaly married (separated) when his child born. For lack of information he never applyed for his son's citizenship and he was already a naturalized citizen for over 5 years when his son born. There is another chalenge for his case, he just told me that he have no idea of were his citizenship certificate is nor does he know what a A# is (I had to explain that to him...lol). Can he use his American passport only for the application? Is this a big problem? Is it possible to request a copy of his certificate? I know I can help him to file the I-130 but I have no idea of how is the process for the son's citizenship request.
  12. So should he file for his child citizenship before iniciating the process or it could be done at the same time? Can you tell me how long does it take for his child to get a US citizenship if he apply in the american consulate in Brazil?can someone else that hold power of attorney do that for him over there? Thank you so much for your response!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm trying to help a friend and wanted to know what is the easiest way to bring his fiancee/wife and child to the US...so here is the background. They know each other for a long time and dispite the fact that he just got divorced a few months ago, he does have a 7 Y/O child with the person that he is planing on get married to...he is a Brazilian man naturalized American Citizen and their child was never registered in an American consulate in Brazil as an American citizen. He lives in the US but visit Brazil every 2 or 3 months. Shoul they try to register the child there as American citizen or just apply for him as LPR with his mom? Should they do Fiance visa or CR-1? Will they get any problems because of the short time between his divorce and marriage? They do have a lot of proof of bonafide relationship over the years. Let me know if any more information is needed for answering this topic properly. Please help!
  14. It’s been 256 days for me...I already opened a service request but nothing at all, I just don’t understand why it’s taking so longo for them to send the documents to the local office. I’m in West Palm Beach. congratulation to everyone who already had this part of the journey over! 😊