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  1. So my sister is a LPR and was deciding the best route to bring her 8 years old son to live with her since she just won his custody in Brazil. On doing some investigation, we found some information on the website of the American Consulate in Rio that states that “minor Children of LPR in the United States are authorized to travel to the US without a visa or authorization letter as long as the parent have a valid green card” Does anyone have better knowledge about this? She is going to Brazil in February for his birthday and want to bring her son back with her! Thank you!!!
  2. I just got a stamp on my passport a couple weeks ago. I told them that I didn’t have a ticket or a date to travel but that I had a 80 years old grandmother in Brazil with health issues and that I just want to be able to go there and be with my family in case that hear health declines and I have to go right away. Only emergency appointments makes no sense, what if you need to renew your drivers license? Or if your employer asks you for a copy of your VALID green card? The stamp is valid for one year and according to the USCIS agent, it’s basically a green card. Good luck!
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