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  1. Red flags: - Brazilian. - Out of status in another country. - Strong ties with the United States (boyfriend ). Be yourself don't make any false statements its better to be denied than put yourself in trouble in the future
  2. Simply not true they are working on cases sending on feb 28 on thursday a friend of mine have a D.Q yesterday she sent her RFE evidence of on February 27.
  3. About two months ago I read about your denied case since then I started to pray with my friends for your fil and mil and I know that God will provide the victory ✌️I keep in pray until they have the complete victory
  4. Good luck!! NVC rejected my birth certificate twice! I sent it for the first time on August 28/ 2020, they rejected at November 24/ 2020. I uploaded again at November 26 and they rejected it again at match 02/ 2022. Than I resent again at match 03/2022 and I hope everything going well this time.
  5. No, back page of my Birth certificate has stamp seal
  6. First of all isn't legible and second I forgot to send a back page
  7. -Sent All the docs August 28/ 2021 -Resented Birth Certificate November/ 24/2021. -Again resented Birth Certificate March 03/2022. I wish that everything gets ok this time
  8. First of all, I'm sorry you have to wait longer than you need to. Given the embassy couple more days and you be fine
  9. You are exactly right my marriage certificate is an old one and they don't bring me any problem. I think that the rejection of my birth certificate is because I only send the front page and the back page I only send right now August /27 / 2021 I sent November/ 24/ 2021 first rejected Resent November 25/ 2021 March 01/2022 I ask a friend and he says the problem is that I have to send the back page also and let's pray
  10. I'm can't say the same my birth certificate from Brasil is rejected twsice at NVC every time thay rejected I go back to the end of the line.
  11. Hy everyone. I have a question about the birth certificate I have sent my birth certificate twice and both of the times is rejected. It's everything perfectly fine with the birth certificate except that my birth certificate is the haya Apostille convention and I sent only the front page. Do I have to be sent the back page also? Can someone has the same problem?
  12. I have a rejected Birth Certificate twice first at Aug 27/2021 and rejected again at February 27/2022. I'm almost losing my mind..... Please replace this with an acceptable birth certificate from a correct issuing authority. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines.
  13. O National Visa Center ( NVC ) atualizou o status do seu pedido de visto de imigrante. Acesse o Centro de Solicitação Eletrônica Consular (CEAC) do Departamento de Estado em https://ceac.state.gov/IV . Você precisará do seu número de caso NVC e número de identificação da fatura para fazer login em sua conta. Depois de fazer login no CEAC, por favor, olhe em sua caixa de mensagem ou no gráfico de status na parte inferior da página. Se o NVC tiver comentários sobre qualquer item que você enviou, haverá uma nova mensagem com detalhes. Caso contrário, basta seguir as instruções atualizadas em seu gráfico de status para concluir seu caso. Se alguma coluna disser "Pagar agora", "Documento inválido", "Incompleto" ou "Reaberto", isso significa que você deve efetuar o pagamento de uma taxa, enviar um formulário ou fazer upload de um documento corrigido/ausente. Atenciosamente, National Visa Center, Departamento de Estado dos EUA NVC send me this email this morning but don't updated anything yet I have updated my birth certificate on November 24 and also don't send any email im my box Is something to be concerned?
  14. UMA I first submit August 27 Then NVC rejected my birth certificate and I resent at November 24 I aspect to hear something this week or next Monday
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