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  1. In addendum: Sadly, I don't know if my husband and I will be reconciling at this point. But I thought I would continue to supply information as I learn it in case it helps anyone else suffering through a similar scenario. I called the number on the I797C to let them know what had happened. Due to the first call becoming disconnected, I ended up speaking to two officers. Both were very professional, extremely sympathetic to my distress and very kind and decent. So they explained that I would have to mail a letter to the local office and explain what happened. Even though the field office won't receive the letter until after my scheduled interview date, she said it's still good for my record for them to know that I didn't miss my interview out of ill intent or apathy. She said that they would contact me after receipt of the letter and advise how to close or cancel my I485. I'll continue to update with helpful info if any in future.
  2. If we could get the spousal petition done and have the NOA1 on hand for that, I wonder if they'd let me visit him for the holidays. Or is that pushing it? I'll have a lease by then and maybe a car but a job will be a little tougher. Well we'll see I guess. Nothing else to do. Thank you so much again 🙂
  3. I can only do so much about ties to Canada at the moment, but surely the reasons why would make sense to any officials looking at my case. I'd already disposed of my apartment and vehicle and so on, in order to immigrate on the K1 visa. It's not like I was just a vagabond or a transient or anything like that, so it does seem like it should be understandable if not ideal. I can only try it and see what happens, if I get that far. Again, thank you so much for your kind assistance. 🙂 I had the same thought myself, that there must be lots of Canadians in various stages of processing visiting the US all the time. I wondered if customs officials would really be so unyielding in a case like mine where there was never any ill intent. If they are suspicious then that's a different thing, and they certainly should be keeping out people who are trying to jump the line or enter illegally. So, you don't feel that my lack of strong ties would be a big deterrent? As I mentioned elsewhere, the fact that I no longer have such ties is simply because of my marriage and relocation and no other reason. It's certainly not unreasonable or illogical but in any case I must abide by their judgment. Having my husband move here unfortunately isn't an option at the moment but if we can repair this mess, it may not be completely out of the question in future. Thank you so much for your advice and taking an interest in my dilemma. I appreciate your thoughts very much! 🙂
  4. Thank you very much! Okay, this is very good to know. Thank you again for all your help! My heartfelt appreciation again for all the kind assistance I've received from you lovely VJers this week. 🙂
  5. Okay, thank you so much. Hypothetically speaking: Let's say, if we send in our CR1 application and get our NOA1 all in order, and if I were to procure a lease, and a car, and job to buttress my case for having ties in Canada...say we get all that in place and I attempt to travel through a preclearance point. I understand that they may still turn me back and that no one can say for sure either way. Obviously I would tell the officer the truthful reason for my visit, which is to visit my husband. Would there be any negative consequences to the CR1 case if I were turned away? Or any other negative consequences just for trying to cross and being turned away? I seem to have the idea that the attempt in itself could make another negative mark for me. Is this true or just another wrong assumption? With sincere thanks again to every one trying to help me.
  6. Could I ask, what do you think constitutes showing solid or stable marriage after fleeing like an idiot like this? Also, is it right to assume there's no punishment or punitive measure taken by the consulate? In other words, this action though foolish would not be grounds for denial?
  7. With thanks to all who have responded. It's understood now that an application for a CR1 is about our only hope. What do you think our chances are of receiving that? I wonder if this has happened before, or anything similar? Would the consulate understand and grant the visa? Any thoughts or advice are again very much appreciated.
  8. I have no ties to Canada except a bank account and family. Not even a car in my name. Thank you very much though I appreciate your help so much.
  9. Thank you this is very wise. I agree. I cant' believe I was so mistaken but being distraught and having adjustment issues and other problems...it's life stuff, I just became completely overwhelmed and thought I had to just get away....and I completely misunderstood the consequences. I don't know what will happen now. Thank you for clarifying what happened to you @Ms.Claustrophobic
  10. What happened? This same situation? Please, could you please elaborate? What happened, did you leave the country under similar circumstances? And they allowed you back in without advance parole or green card?
  11. My husband thinks it might be worth trying to cross the border and explain. Tell them what happened and see if they will allow me to go back in to attend my interview. Any thoughts are welcome and I can't thank everyone enough for their sympathy and kindness towards me after doing such a stupid thing. We are both heartbroken! 😩
  12. I thought I listed the marriage certificate somewhere as proof that we DO have. That's what I meant. What I was trying to say is that I wasn't sure we could prove the marriage is bona fide, since somehow I had the idea that some kind of social proof is or might be necessary. especially if you don't have much other proof. Like, statements from friends, or proofs that people in your life know you're married. We have literally no one, no one at all. I know we're legally married, it's just the bona fide thing I got stuck on somehow. The media reports about the immigration may have played a part, the huge delay we experienced due to increased scrutiny and all of that. Also, I thought I read posts in here about people giving a long list of stuff they brought, invitations or congratulations and photos etc. We have nothing like that except a FB post. I should have double checked before I left but I thought I knew. In addition, I haven't been well or sleeping much. Under a lot of stress and upset. I think I have enough information now. I need to let it all sink in and understand the consequences. I may not return to the thread for a while now. Thank you to everyone who kindly responded.
  13. Thank you, I appreciate your help very much.
  14. Thank you all for your sober advice. I had all this backwards apparently and yes being panicked just cost us everything. Any idea then about whether I will have problems travelling to the US now, even just for a holiday? Will there be a secondary inspection? Will I have to show ties to Canada or just be denied entry?
  15. Yes, we are married, that's right. We could get back together but we're still in shock. Devastated and in shock. I haven't been thinking straight for a long time actually, due to stress and so on. I feel like I was stupid and hasty. Yes I'm very anxious about immigration. We hardly had any evidence to send with the application. Didn't even send photos since we thought we'd be asked at the interview. All we sent was the marriage certificate and an insurance card. That's it. There's no way that's enough, it's stated all over the net that they want witnesses because normal people aren't hermits like us. Since we have so little proof I thought there was a real danger of deportation due to the adjustment difficulties and the lack of evidence. I thought I would face extreme consequences. I feel like such a fool! I'm devastated. I hope other people read this and think things through better.