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  1. Hello, Question: For the interview, it states that the beneficiary must bring the -original- birth certificate. My fiance is from the Philippines but has status in Canada (work visa; she is not a PR or Citizen of Canada). Her family in the Philippines does not have her original birth certificate. But, her mother went to the Civil Registrar General Philippine Statistics Authority and requested it from the government office. They gave her a copy of the birth certificate from their files; it is NOT notarized, but was printed on special color-fibre paper, has a signature of the representative who pulled the file and her name. Also has a barcode on there for tracking purposes and says "BEST POSSIBLE IMAGE: PAGE 1 OF 1 COPY" Will this be okay for the interview? Because it says "PAGE 1 OF 1 COPY", doesn't say Original -- but it is an actual copy of the original document (which was lost). I mean, they just dont have the original one from the 1980's... am I just overthinking this? Thanks all!
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