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  1. So it was pretty much very simple questions like whens my husbands bday? whats our story? All the addresses we stayed at.. What are the places we visited together? He was pretty much just making a conversation with us and he kept asking questions in between.... And for evidences he just asked whether we bought any evidences with us We have him our lease agreement, bank statements, 401k statements with eachother as beneficiary, tax returns for 3 yrs, health insurance, paystubs showing the cheques are going to the common bank account. And we included statements atleast from all the years, so they know we have had the account since the beginning.
  2. Helloo!! Just an update on our case... we had the interview yesterday pretty much an easy one just asked us a couple of questions like what's our story,where have we been to.. And the status changed in the evening to card is been produced
  3. Hello, We had our interview yesterday and by evening our status changed to card being produced. We are an April MSC filer.
  4. Yeah make sense i never interviewed with USCIS as such i was interviewed in an embassy for CR1.
  5. Thank you!!That gives me a peace of mind....i dont see people in month based filers telling they got an interview it just threw us off when we got scheduled for interview..
  6. I have seen a lot of cases getting approved without any interviews for GC removal of conditions.
  7. I entered US on CR1 visa ...i came across a article that said something similar
  8. Maybe...we thought we had enough proof but doesn't seem like it...will just gather all the evidences and attend interview. Thanks again
  9. Thank you for your reply Our service center was NBC from thr beginning of the ROC process
  10. Hello, We got an update on our case and it says interview has been scheduled. We are freaking out not sure on why we have to do the interview We had attached our chils birth certificate, marriage certificate, 2018 2019 2020 tax returns , bank statements with our names on it , leasing agreement with both our names in it, and insurance papers for both of us beneficiary of each other, tickets and family pics Am not sure if its lack of evidences. Do you guys have any suggestions on how we should prepare for the interview?
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