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  1. Yeah make sense i never interviewed with USCIS as such i was interviewed in an embassy for CR1.
  2. Thank you!!That gives me a peace of mind....i dont see people in month based filers telling they got an interview it just threw us off when we got scheduled for interview..
  3. I have seen a lot of cases getting approved without any interviews for GC removal of conditions.
  4. I entered US on CR1 visa ...i came across a article that said something similar
  5. Maybe...we thought we had enough proof but doesn't seem like it...will just gather all the evidences and attend interview. Thanks again
  6. Thank you for your reply Our service center was NBC from thr beginning of the ROC process
  7. Hello, We got an update on our case and it says interview has been scheduled. We are freaking out not sure on why we have to do the interview We had attached our chils birth certificate, marriage certificate, 2018 2019 2020 tax returns , bank statements with our names on it , leasing agreement with both our names in it, and insurance papers for both of us beneficiary of each other, tickets and family pics Am not sure if its lack of evidences. Do you guys have any suggestions on how we should prepare for the interview?
  8. Hello Everyone, Just an update our PD is 4/15 and case is at the MSC. I had my fingerprint appointment on 12/10 and the case was updated online to applied biometrics on 12/11.
  9. Gives me some hope about the extension...thank you
  10. did your parents get extension??my parents are here and their i94 expires in August we are planning to extend their visa too...just wanted to know the procedure
  11. Thank you for the reply but No there are no repatriation flights thats the problem we have...we would never even think of overstaying if Kuwait had open borders....
  12. Hello, My parents came to US in Feb,2020 from Kuwait and they had initially planned to go back in April but their flights got cancelled and Kuwait had closed its aiport. We rebooked the ticket multiple times everything got cancelled as Kuwait has not opened it borders yet. Their 6months stay gets over in August but we are not sure if Kuwait will open by then, so we are planning to apply for extension. Can anyone explain what is the extension process like and whats are the chances of them approving it? And if also if USCIS dont make a decision on the extension by August and if they over stay what are the consequences?
  13. Our paper work got send back with a rejection notice telling it was rejected because we filed before the 90 day mark. I think the documents were scanned into the system because there is a printed writting at the bottom of every document. Can i send the same documents again? They send back the Money Order too, can I use the same MO again??
  14. Hey..I entered US in June 2018 POE Philadelphia....after 3-4weeks i received my ssn...but still now i didnt receive my green card and the uscis status tells fee received. Is it normal?
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