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  1. I have just called them again. They told me we have been in DQ since June 2nd so yea everything seems okay. I hope you get interview soon but seems like I said an interview issue for you.
  2. Our letter is exactly as your first letter from the NVC, the March 2020 one. Your other letters seems to be just to tell you that you have had DQ and yet to have an interview, its more of an notice letter. As the last letter tells you that "Immigrant visa is documentarily complete at the National Visa Center (NVC) and has been since 05-MAR-2020 (The date you mentioned you got the first DQ email)". so I doubt there is an issue with you getting DQ just an misunderstanding. Hopefully you get your interview soon. I'm not sure how backlogged the Nigeria embassy is and how COVID-19 affected it but I'm pretty sure thats the issue, as according to their website they are doing limited immigrant visas and it seems that your EB-4 visa case might take a while because its not in priority, you can check here if there are updates in the future https://ng.usembassy.gov/visas/. I have called them not emailed before that but it was because some mail/email issue in our civil documents. So i doubt they would send us an email about our case when we called them and the never said they will email us about are call when we did. But, I will call them right now and double check. I'll update you when I get an answer.
  3. Ahh that makes it better for us small country people. There is also a thing I heard from my dad about some sort of priority for interview and us being employment visa means that we are in the least in priority, I think this might hit us in terms of getting an interview very fast but one can only hope for the best haha. Maybe thats only in our embassy not sure but yeah it seems like other countries do first come, first serve. So it shouldn't affect us, cool! Again, thanks a lot for all the information and I hope you stay safe, happy and healthy!
  4. I honestly don't know, I feel like it is just random at this point. However, according to the NVC timeframe website it should take around 40 days from submitting date. I think that would still apply to checklists but don't quote me on that. we got our documents approved first try. Nonetheless, I hope you have a smooth sail and finish quickly!!
  5. So wait time for interview varies per country? We live in rather small country that only does like 100 immigrant visas per month. I hope then we get an interview quickly wow, maybe thats why our documents where reviewed quickly hmm. But from what I understood from number 3 is that we can only have an interview at fastest in July, which is still fast I'll take it. But I didn't quite understand the "It can take several days to several weeks for consulate to receive case" part. Does that effect how soon the interview can happen or is it for the CEAC website to update? Our case is electronic processing surely it can't take that long to transfer but still very interesting why would they need all that time lol. Anyways, Thanks a lot for the information!!
  6. Thanks! But wow that was very quickly. Not that I'm complaining . Hope we get the interview date quickly too haha
  7. Hey all, We have received an email from the NVC and I was not sure if this mean that we are at Case Complete? The CEAC status website still shows "At NVC" and furthermore we emailed our documents May 27 2021 so like 13 days ago and according to the NVC Timeframe we should not be done yet and we still have a month to go. The email states: " Dear Sir/Madam, The National Visa Center (NVC) received all the requested documentation for this immigrant visa case. The applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas, where a consular officer will adjudicate the applicants visa application. . . When an Appointment is available, we will notify the applicant, petitioner, and attorney (if applicable). The applicant can prepare now by reading about the embassy's interview requirements online at https://nvc.state.gov/interview. Thank you for your patience. " Is this a Case Complete email or is it an email stating that they received our documents and are going to start to review it? Thanks
  8. Hey all, So we have run with a pretty interesting issue with the NVC. They have informed us with a letter through our attorney indicating that we should mail our documents in for processing (CEAC upload wasn't an option for us). After a while we have checked the NVC Timeframe website and we realized that we are late due to a DQ email from the NVC, so we have decided to call them. Apparently, our case was electronic processing somehow and we should have emailed not mailed our documents in and they wont review it until we do. This is not the instruction that we have received at all so we tried to explain but they were not buying it, they did some sort of supervisor review yesterday but yet nothing they could do on their side , we have to upload and wait AGAIN for reviewing. We have uploaded our documents online now to the email they told us and we have also emailed an expedite email to them which include the letter indicating that we should have mailed our documents, so they can finish us quickly because the delay was their miscommunication fault and we shouldn't pay the price. Would we be accepted or at least have a ground for an expedite because we have it clearly in writing that its their fault not ours?? I know it is not really an emergency but still we shouldn't really have gotten this delay in the first place if they have informed us... We really dont have much time to wait as we have universities to attend in the fall and my eldest sister is only in our case due to CSPA (still have like a year left but still we have been in this whole NVC stage for 1 year and 1 months now..... and we can't really estimate an acceptable timeframe because well they never gave an accurate one) so we are really trying to finish asap (We have included this in our expedite email.) Thanks in advance!
  9. Hahah unfortunately. If anything, they are the ones treating me like Nordstorm. Changing their minds like they are changing clothes.
  10. everything we received was email, that was mailed to our attorney then forwarded to us. So nothing like the message above :/ We received a case creation that said the same thing. We paid our fees in the CEAC but we don't have an option to upload our documents there. like the tab most people have isn't available for us. We only can do the DS-260, pay IV fees and check attorney of record. We still have our originals, we only mailed copies. As to upload documents we can't. The whole issue right now is whether it is email processing or mail processing. Which we obviously have been told mail but now they decided not to do mail.. To upload again would make us wait again so not sure, but I'll check with our attorney.
  11. Yea they never gave us a good estimate for anything, we always keep waiting longer, I just only this once actually hope they finish it quicker than 6 weeks... now I think i'm no longer in normal queue but in supervisor review queue, which i'm not sure is good or bad, but yea we keep waiting and waiting no other option. In terms of consulate, I live in a small country with no backlog or very little so I dont think this is an major issue like other countries.
  12. Nope, what we got is "Submit financial and supporting documents in one package to NVC. NVC'S mailing address can be found at https://nvc.state.gov/mail" like we are 100% sure it should be mail, even our attorney is puzzled. very disappointing from their side.
  13. So originally in our welcome letter the NVC told us to mail our documents to them, so accordingly our attorney mailed them our documents just over a month ago. Then according to the NVC timeframe website we should have been DQ last week but we got nothing, so I called the NVC to check-up and then they told me that we were supposed to electronically process them and not mail them. I told them that it is not true and we should actually mail them according to the welcome letter and then they were like one second I will go talk to an supervisor. They came back after a while and they said maybe it is non-electronic processing and the supervisor will review it within 6 weeks and inform us! I told her that we should be done 1 week ago according to the NVC website and this is unacceptable, she said that it is usually faster than 6 weeks for supervisor review but couldn't even give me an estimate so I doubt it is true. What can we do? They told us to mail it in the welcome letter now they have changed their mind??? How so, we have it in writing. Can't we do anything but wait the 6 weeks or even longer.... Please advice me. Thanks in advance.
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