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  1. Congrats to you guys!!! I hope you have plans to celebrate this somehow. It really is a big milestone in the journey! Enjoy the break from USCIS 🤣
  2. Yes, you are approved! Congrats!! You should get a welcome to the U.S. letter in the next couple of days. They will also update your online account with a tracking number for the green card once it's mailed out in the next 1-2 weeks. Take a deep breath and relax.
  3. I agree with the previous advice given. You should contact the Nashville USCIS rep first, but still look for an experienced immigration attorney in case he does not get an approval. My husband was approved after his AOS interview a week ago and has received his GC. My husband is Nigerian, so I do not think being from Nigeria is the problem. We provided all the same docs you did, except for joint returns since it is too early for him to have a return. From what you have discussed about your case, things should have moved easily. Prior to this, have you had any issues in this process? It seems very odd that this far into the process that the marriage could be considered fraudulent marriage. Cases are reviewed heavily for fraud at the embassy prior to and at the K1 interview. Hopefully you'll get more information after you call the rep. I would ask her directly if your case was under suspicion for fraud, and mention what you saw in the subject line. Good luck.
  4. naija_glam

    K-1 Visa Interview Nigeria

    They can always call the embassy and ask too. Doesn't hurt to try.
  5. naija_glam

    K-1 Visa Interview Nigeria

    I wasn't able to attend my fiances interview. I don't know if they would allow you to attend the interview, but you can enter the embassy since you are a USC. Try asking in the Nigerian portal section.
  6. Hello all! I'm happy to say that my husband and I went to his AOS interview yesterday, 10/11/2018 and we were APPROVED. The interview was very laid back. The officer was very courteous. The interview started with small talk about the weather. He then asked us how we met, how we knew when we wanted to get married, and when and where we first met in person. Then he asked for evidence that we lived together. We provided joint bank account docs with our names on it, a copy of our lease, doc showing he was the beneficiary of my life insurance, work doc showing that he was on my med and dental insurance, as well as copies of his med insurance and rx cards. We also provided flight receipts and hotel reservations for our honeymoon next month, which he accepted. He said there would be a 90% chance he would approve our case that day, and that he would just have double check the docs we gave. We were kind of confused when we left because we weren't sure if approval was a sure thing, like he'd either do it that day or the next day, or if he wouldn't do it all. About 2 hours after our interview, we got an email from USCIS saying a new card is being produced for his I-485. I'm happy to being done with part of the journey. I will enjoy our break from USCIS, then we will apply for ROC.
  7. Oh snap, I didn't know they weren't waiving anyone anymore! Now I get why offices with higher populations are running so slow.
  8. You're right that an RFE can delay things, but you responded quickly. There always the possibility that you may be waived for an interview as well.
  9. Thanks ineedadisplayname! I was told KC's office moves fairly quickly. STL's population is a little less than KC's so hopefully you'll be hearing back soon.
  10. Thank you. I'm very optimistic, and I know God hasn't brought us this far just to fail.
  11. Of course, we applied on July 25, and USCIS received it on July 27th. It took 6 weeks from applying to be assigned our appointment.
  12. I agree that people are busy living life. It has been a big process getting my husband settled, and between that in work, I find it hard to even log on to the site!
  13. Hello all!!! Just got an appointment with our interview date. The interview will be on October 11th at our local office here in KC!!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Of course we will prepare as much as we can. With the way things are going, he should have his green card...dare I say...before the holidays!? 😊
  14. Thanks dear, I hope it does move fast! I don't mind interviewing if it means getting his GC sooner 😃
  15. Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview As of August 23, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSC********, for an interview. We will schedule your interview and send you a notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice. If you move, go to ___ to give us your new mailing address. So I got an email that my case is ready to be scheduled. The above notice is what is on our USCIS profile. I hope that it means that we aren't in for too long of a wait for an interview if there is one. Kansas City, MO is my local office. Processing time for KC is 7 to 16 months. When I checked processing times there was information on how to interpret wait times. I'd never seen that page before and thought it was interesting. See link below. Also, does this mean we will have an interview? The email said that not all cases will have an interview, while still saying that my case is ready for an interview. I found that a bit confusing. https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/more-info