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  1. Try calling the embassy to confirm if the packet/email was already sent. Also, maybe double check your mail to ensure you didn’t miss it. Honestly, my fiance and I didn’t wait to receive instructions from our embassy (Lagos, Nigeria) even though it says to wait. We filled the DS 160 and scheduled the interview as soon as our case status changed to ready. He then called the embassy to inform them that we completed these steps and they emailed the instructions during that call. Our embassy had no issue with us doing that and other Lagos couples did the same. Not saying it’ll fly at UAE but just sharing what we did. Again, I suggest calling to actually speak with someone instead of email.
  2. When scheduling a k1 interview, do we select immigrant or non-immigrant visa?
  3. Just wanted to share an update. I received the “outside of normal processing time” inquiry response on 1/4 and just received my NOA2 approval on 1/18. So exactly 2 weeks turnaround (they gave me a 45 day timeframe).
  4. Yes, sent the inquiry 12/30 and received the response today. The confirmation did not state when I would hear back by: "Thank you for your request: USCIS will review and process the request. Your request ID number is SR1X"
  5. I also got a response with a 45 day timeframe. My NOA1 date is 3/8/2021. "The status of this service request is: On 12/30/2021, you contacted USCIS concerning your I-129F to notify us that you believe your case is outside of our normal processing time. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved. Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within 45 days. *A notice of action may be in a form of Approval Notice, Denial Notice, Transfer Notice, Request for Evidence, or Notice of Intent to Deny. We hope this information is helpful to you."
  6. I sent our petition on 3/5 and just received the NOA-1 text on 4/1 with my case number and a receipt date of 3/8. Looks like they’re processing these faster now.
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