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  1. So as long as the 245i it self was approved i can be grandfathered
  2. So I was wondering if my mother is protected by the 245i ... but she never became a LPR .... can i still be grandfathered under the 245i?
  3. I have DACA .... i have unlawful presence
  4. Hey guys so i got approved for my i130 so now do i just mail my waiver ? Or do i wait for nvc to contact me thanks I’m adva
  5. I’m super late with the reply but i sent in my i130 in March i am DACA AND MY HUSBAND IS AMERICAN ... if you need any help let me know
  6. Can i go to Puerto Rico if i have DACA? I mean would i just need my drivers license or i shouldn’t even risk it ? 🥴
  7. Yes i noticed i did not send the freaking copy of my ID 😒😒😒 thank you
  8. So i sent in my form i765 nad it got rejected because it was missing pages but i went over this form several times and all the pages are there (packet i-821D) ,(i-765W) and the 7 pages for the i765 I’m not sure what pages I’m missing i downloaded these pages from USCIS 🤦🏽‍♀️😒😒😒 am am i missing something?
  9. Thanks everyone i am the beneficiary and my husband is the USC I HAVE DACA AND WE LOVE TOGETHER I HAVE THE LEASE PICTURES WITH ALL OF OUR FAMILIES TOGETHER ECT CABLE BILLS / CAR PAYMENTS INSURANCE WITH BOTH OUR NAMES And affidavits from my mom and cousins thank you all 🗣🙏🏽💜
  10. Thank y’all so much yes we live together so i have the lease ... cable bills gas light bills in our names . Wedding pics birth of our kids pics 😩😩 i guess i will go all out thanks everybody again 🙏🏽💜💜
  11. hey guys, what would be "Any other relevant documentation to establish that there is an ongoing marital union" i have pictures ... would that be enough ?
  12. I am ready to file my i 130 .. i am super nervous excited 😩😩😩😩 i have to file 601a has any one used a lawyer for this application? If so was it expensive (Dominican republic)
  13. Hmmm what type of lAwyer do you have this is very serious he should clarify this for you
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