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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience,i will tell my wife about it and maybe she could come and visit me again, while we wait on USCIS.
  2. you are the one, going through, lol have a good day, get well soon, i will pray for you.
  3. You are just so confused right now, i suggest, you should take a little break or maybe drink some water.
  4. let's be realistic, you are making all these comments, by doing this you are just showing your character. You are gonna get nothing out of this, if you are trying to make me feel bad or demoralize me, that's not gonna workout.......... No, she does not have an account on VJ.
  5. that's not gonna change my thoughts about my wife and my immigration journey, my sole intention is to be with my wife, it's our decision, you are nobody to give us dictation about, what we should be doing.
  6. i believe, it is against the TOS to criticize people marriages.
  7. it's not the people, it's you, and i believe you are violating the rules, by engaging yourself in making baseless comments, about my marriage.
  8. Why don't you go and guide other people with your extensive knowledge about Immigration and USCIS. i suggest, you can do better than this. well it should've been, i know how to take care of people like u, and i do know, you are not gonna be successful, lol
  9. My questions doesn't relate to the approval of petition or age gap, i just want to know, how long will it take for the security checks and final decision, anyway you don't have to be realistic with me, please find someone else to be realistic with, i know what you are trying to do, but sorry to say, you are not gonna be successful. I know how to see off people like you, no offence.
  10. You seem to be annoyed with my 53 year age gap with my wife, you must be my step son or grand son, who knows hahaha
  11. Thanks for your reply, but i was wondering, do they start security checks before working on the actual petition or after?
  12. Please read the topic before making comments, My questions can be clearly seen in the topic, i would rather prefer comments from someone, that's been through this process.
  13. Thanks for your suggestion, i have already replied to this, you can see my reply above.
  14. i-130 filed in January 2016, i had my interview at US embassy in Islamabad,Pakistan on the 15th of May 2017, case denied and sent back to USCIS for further review on the 10th of october 2017. USCIS starts working on our case again on 27th of November 2017, we have recently received a Notice of intent to revoke from USCIS to which we have replied and they received our response on August 14th, 2019. I have submitted a inquiry with USCIS last week, since it has already been 90 days that we have responded to the NOIR, to which they have replied: Your case is currently delayed because the required security checks are still pending. We cannot make a decision on your case until we receive the results of these security checks. What does that mean, and how long it will take them to make decision on my case? We are tired of waiting and this waiting is killing us. Any help or advice will be appreciated.... please helppppp.......
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