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  1. My mother is going for her interview soon, and is really nervous as she doesn't know what to expect. There is no clear guidance from USCIS on the documents that are required (unlike a spouse naturalization process), and she doesn't know what kind of questions to expect. Can someone shed some light on it? It would really help to make her more comfortable
  2. Hello everyone, my mom has her citizenship interview coming up in a few weeks. I have a few questions: - What kind of documents is she expected to bring with her for the interview? I was not able to find any guidance for parents. -What kind of questions do parents get asked? Any potential gotchas that she needs to be aware of? -Also, her command of English is not that great – she can converse on a basic level but would not be able to carry out an in-depth discussion. She is studying for her civics test as we speak. How strict are the interviewers on that?
  3. Thanks for the link! Looks like it only goes back 4 years. What happens if she can't get a hold of 2012 return? Does she need them ANYWAY?
  4. Hello everyone, I have the last 3 years of tax returns on hand for my mom who has her citizenship interview. Don't have the two years prior though (2012 and 2013). What's the easiest way to obtain those? Are they required for the interview?
  5. My mom has her 5 year anniversary as a LRP this coming November 2017. She filed her N400 90 days prior, got an invite for biometrics, and now that she checks her status on the USCIS website it says that "Estimated wait time until we schedule your interview: 13 months" What's going on here?!
  6. She hasn't left the country for the last 5 years.
  7. Also, she has been a resident of Arizona for a while but she moved addresses withing the same town within the last month. Is that ok or does that reset the 90 day continuous residency requirement? Also, when I'm calling USCIS they are pretty useless. Has anyone else had the experience of USCIS website saying you're not eligible when you were in fact eligible to apply?
  8. Hi all, My mom is applying for Citizenship, and she has been a LPR since November 27, 2012. It's less than 90 days at this point to her eligibility, so she should be ok to apply in my understanding. However, when I use the online eligibility tool on USCIS website it says she is not eligible yet. What gives?
  9. My mom knows of at least a couple of naturalized (now) citizens whose command of English is very poor. The common denominator is that both of them live in immigrant-heavy cities (NY, I believe). How in the world did they pass the test? Could it be that certain USCIS offices are more lenient than those in, let's say, Alabama? Just curious.
  10. I'm getting ready to submit my mother's paperwork for citizenship, but am concerned about her English. She is 58 and english is very difficult for her to learn. She took ESL classes but didn't progress much. She can have a basic conversation but I help her when it comes to banks, doctors, etc. How do you know if she is ready? She says she knows people who's english was very poor and they still passed the test but that was in NY area so maybe it depends on the region. Any insights?
  11. My parent is coming up on 5 years of being a CG holder and will be filing the N400 soon. They are currently employed part time so not much of an income. Not on public assistance of any sort, is paying taxes every year (the little that's owed). Living off savings primarily which is sufficient. With all the strife going on with immigration, is that a concern at all? Would it help if we start a business in my parent's name to supplement their income? Or does that not play much of a role?