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  1. I showed up way before my interview. They didn’t let me check in until a certain amount of time before my interview (I think 30 mins), and was asked to wait in the waiting area/room until it was time to check in. I was first to check in for my time block and I think I was called in a few minutes before my time.
  2. Ok, cool... good luck, hopefully you hear back soon.
  3. April 2018? That is outside the processing time for N400s in Seattle. Have you submitted a service request for outside normal processing time?
  4. I had to wait for them to upload it and then I got a copy in the mail. Sounds like if it's not a jr officer you can get your letter before you leave though... which is awesome. Easier said than done, but try not to stress out about the wait... things will work out in the end.
  5. They do? I guess that makes sense if the officer is able to approve, and it’s too late for a same day.
  6. This was my timeline: My interview was Feb 28, Got the email about oath scheduled on 3/8 (letter didn't post till 3/11), oath was 4/11. I understand the disappointment, but having an earlier appointment doesn't mean you'll have the same day oath. Mine was at 8AM and unfortunately I got a junior officer who couldn't approve the same day oath.
  7. Mine and my husbands posted the very next day in the evening.
  8. Thanks for the oath information. As far as Sept filers... in addition to my husband a few other September folks here mentioned they got their 'interview scheduled' notices too.
  9. He got scheduled for Dec. 5th. I hope he gets same day oath, but his interview is at noon (I can't remember what time the afternoon oath is), and he may end up with a jr officer like I did.
  10. Are you a combo filer? Also has your letter posted yet? If so what is your interview date?
  11. Unfortunately they haven’t uploaded letter yet! I’ll post once it’s up.
  12. Thank you. The estimated case completion time is December 2019 (1 month), and Looks like the estimated wait time is gone. Glad you’re close to finishing too!
  13. My husband just got the email notice that his interview has been scheduled. Priority date is September 17, 2018, not a combo filer. We live in Bellevue but as far as we know his file wasn’t transferred so I’m expecting his interview to be in Seattle.
  14. Congrats! My interview was Feb 28, Got the email about oath scheduled on 3/8 (letter didn't post till 3/11), oath was 4/11.
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