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  1. Congrats! Geez.. it's taken them a whole month to get from Dec 5 to Dec 27 smh
  2. thank you! I will take 2 with me.
  3. Hey guys... did they take your picture at the biometrics appointment? I don't remember that happening with me, but my husband remembers they took his.
  4. So you didn't have to mail them anything? That's great. Glad they rescheduled it without hassle!
  5. I’m not sure... I saw that some people had walked in so I took a chance and showed up a few days after I got the letter. Yes, it means any date/time before your appointed time.
  6. I did a walk in for biometrics back in December. Unless their policies have changed, you should be able to do the same.
  7. Yes, your letter will probably post online tomorrow, and it will have the date, time, and what to take along.
  8. I saw your other posts. It looks like you were charged, and it was dropped to a violation, so you want to know if you should bring up the case if asked if you've been charged with a crime (since a violation isn't a crime)? It looks like you got your 10 year green card after the violation. You did fingerprinting, so there is a chance they will ask about it. I would speak to an immigration lawyer.
  9. Wow... I hope they reschedule you ASAP! Thanks for posting your experience, and for the link.
  10. hey... I did a walk in about a week or so before my scheduled appointment... so maybe you should consider that instead of risking them being closed on your appt day. That's assuming they still allow walk-ins, of course. Awesome! Congrats! What time was your interview?
  11. Congrats! It’s going to be here before you know it.
  12. Phew... thank you! is your letter showing yet?
  13. Hey guys... please help me resolve this “dispute” with my sister. She had her interview last July in Chicago. (See attached) She says that for questions with multiple bullet points we have to learn all of them. I was under the impression that unless they ask for two, we only need to learn one of the points. Does anyone know which it is?
  14. Congratulations!! I too am disappointed to hear you weren't offered the same day oath, but based on what time you went it, I guess it makes sense. Did the officer talk about it at all?