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  1. Mine too!! Me and your friend are thw only ones.. lol.. we're houston too!! Waiting for the letter
  2. Me (usc) hubby (aos panding, ead/ap on hand) filed 2018 taxes together. I have petitioned for his 2 daughters, my stepdaughters, to come here. Their petition is now in nvc and i need to get my affidavit of support uploaded. Does hubby need an 864a since we filed together but he's technically my dependent? Thanks for future answers..
  3. New: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov Old: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
  4. PD may 11, NSC, approved on new site **ONLY** march 13, old website still at case is received. March 15, old website **ONLY** case is transferred to department of state, new website still says aprroved. March 16, noa2 hard copy in the mail, approval date was March 12. Bottomline, check both old and new website and your mail, I've read that some people didnt get updates online just a nice surprise in the mail box. If you don't have USPS INFORMED DELIVERY, sign up for it, it's free, it sends me pictures of mails I'll be getting that day.
  5. Pd may 11, im probably gonna be the last one.. I'll be left behind..
  6. I just sent mine 2 weeks ago and i got my passport 2 days ago. I went to the county clerk with my naturalization certificate, marriage certificate for change of name, driver's license, passport photo, check for passport fees and the passport form. The clerk checked everything, swore that everything is correct in the form. She made a copy of my driver's license and kept everything else. I got my naturalization certificate and marriage certificate in the mail yesterday.
  7. Is there a January 130? Parent of usc, pd jan 31. Manila PHILIPPINES, potomac service center
  8. My mom (usc naturalized) submitted 130 for my grandma from PHILIPPINES.. PD 1-31, POTOMAC service center..
  9. Whats the first 3 letters of the case number?
  10. Parents' oath ceremony is on January 22. Denver colorado. They will be officially done with USCIS!!
  11. So, delaying the petition, can we just also delay the 11y/o petition for 7 years?
  12. Delaying, like not paying the aos and iv fees, i have a year to delay like that, right?
  13. So, if mom changes her mind on the 17y/o permission, do we still need it if the interview takes place before the 18th birthday, if so, is that a possible reason to reschedule the interview for after the 18th birthday so for sure no permission needed?
  14. Yes. We talked to both kids, and they are excited to come here, live here and go to school here. The plan would be to go to Mexico during summer break for vacation but both are very eager to live here in the us with dad. (And hopefully, me too)
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