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  1. order through the mail and it will have address and names on it
  2. I pay about 150$ a month for i looked online and it said it would constitute as a public charge but I have no clues why the news included it among food stamp because on the aca page it says it is not a public charge benefit. I also work somewhere where insurance is free so I don’t really use it.
  3. So anyone hear about how the president is going to make it harder for legal residents to get greencards and citizenship just for using Obamacare? I only bought insurance for my wife through the exchange and it’s not a public benefit which makes no sense at all. Source is from nbc news someone fill me in.
  4. Seth And Quynh

    I751 Vietnam Name order

    they go by what the passport says it's a ongoing issue with vietnamese and name orders
  5. Seth And Quynh

    I751 Vietnam Name order

    every vietnamese name is like this believe me it's a problem all the vietnamese filiers have been trying to figure out
  6. On the first page for the i751 it has 3 boxes for her name to be put, there is always a problem with vietnamese name because they go from Last-Middle-first instead of first middle and last. When she arrived in the usa her name is First- P Middle- Q Last- N Her Actual name is First- Q Middle- P Last- N do i just go ahead and use what the usa consulate used as her name and whats in her passport? P Q N i was told to not change anything? this is how her name is for major documents also.
  7. When Paying the fees do you send one check or two checks one for filing fee and one for biometric fee?
  8. I do Have All the Flight Documents that i have taken to vietnam and we do have Id cars
  9. Yes i have A IRS Tax Transcript for 2017 and i do have a Utility bill that is only from Ameren Basically Gas and Electric.
  10. My Removal of Conditions for my wife is next year and i have been stockpiling evidence when she got here. Here's the list and is it good enough? 1. Home deed listing me and my wife as the owner's of the house 2. Home Title Insurance listing me and my wife 3. State Farm Life Insurance Policy Listing Wife as Beneficiary 4. Sectarian Life Insurance Policy Listing my Wife as Beneficiary 5. Joint Bank Account Statements for Every Month Both in our names. 6. Taxes Married Filing Jointly For Both me and wife 2017 7. Last will and Testament and Medical Power of Attorney's 8. Power Bills in my name and Wife's both to our same address 9. Mail to me and my wife showing same household 10. Affidavits from family members. 11. Pictures of me and my wife together. 12. Vanguard Roth IRA Listing Wife as Beneficiary 13. Fidelity 401K Listing wife as Beneficiary There is more but this is all i can think from the top of my head.
  11. So my wife got here October 3 and I've been gathering evidence for when we lift conditional residency in her two year greencard. Here's my list of evidence that I have and rest to use. 1. 100,000$ State farm life insurance policy my wife as the Primary beneficiary. 2. Joint checking and savings accounts. 3. Vanguard IRA account where if I die my wife gets my IRA account. 4. Wills, Advanced Medical Directive, Durable Financial power of attorney. My wife will be the main beneficiary for all of these. 5. Some mail with both our names addressed. 6. Mail addressed to me and my wife regarding the healthcare market place for buying insurance. 7. Wifes state ID that has same address as me. There's more but I'll list later
  12. Seth And Quynh

    Name order on I751

    They have a different name order than in the USA I ask at the interview if we could switch and said that's how it is in the passport
  13. Seth And Quynh

    Name order on I751

    Vietnamese name orders are different it goes last middle first name
  14. Seth And Quynh

    Name order on I751

    I couldn't change her name because I did try all the people said it has to be like that
  15. So on the i751 form in the name section it's asking for first, middle last name. On her greencard it goes middle first then last name. Do I have to write her name in order? It goes like this AAAAA BBBBB Nguyen, but in actuality it's BBBBB AAAAA Nguyen. Any help ?