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  1. Yes sista! Its still 2 years 9 months. I am in the same boat as you. Hopefully we file for citizenship soon and complete this journey successfully:)
  2. @Matu sorry to hear about it but I’m sure USCIS explains in NOID letter why they intend to deny. Many times it’s something that can be corrected with more evidence such as shared residence for residence proof etc. One of the most common reasons for denial was that people who filed it were ineligible for VAWA benefit because of previous unterminated marriages or applying 2 years post-divorce. In your case, I hope it’s something simple that can be explained and have USCIS reverse their decision.
  3. No, don’t overthink. This will have no impact at all. Besides, its your copy. USCIS have copies of each and every letter and document which they send to you and vice versa. The punching is a way to secure papers together. I recall sending in my VAWA application with paper pins but at my interview my file had all documents punched and secured like that.
  4. @Stillwinning!!!😊 I’m filing soon for N-400 as well. I too need all the help I can. A Vawa VJ member @gramercy recently completed her citizenship process. Her timeline has all the needed info for submission online till the interview. I’d use this as a guide as well.
  5. @Blunt your VAWA journey is concluding soon. The interview is just a formality. Congrats in advance upon your grand green card approval. 🎈🎉🎊
  6. @Blunt Please take a deep breath. Your case will be approved in God’s name! This is a journey, everyone of us has crazy experiences along the way. In my case I had a so called “pro-bono” atty from catholic charities who didn’t know her job and I hopped from psychologist to psychologist trying to get myself an immigration evaluation. On top of that, my original i-130 atty was fired by me and he never withdrew his representation anyway and was giving updates to my ex! So Idk how effective those letters are.
  7. Congratulations my dear! I remember when I stumbled upon VisaJourney, (during one of the darkest episodes of my life),you were in the VAWA process then and very active in the forum as well. You answered everyone’s questions to the best of your ability and helped many folks in the process. It’s heartwarming to see that your immigration journey is officially complete! May you be an asset to this country and continue to shine! ✨
  8. I just came here today to spread some cheer and sparkle some blessings and say a prayer for you all! May the Almighty God give you the happiness you’re looking for and approve your cases soon! May this thread witness numerous approvals! @sandranj are you organizing an in-person get-together any time soon?
  9. Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 The immigration journey is officially complete for you! We pray that each and everyone here goes through a smooth process immigration ride too. Stay blessed!
  10. The 4 P’s will help. Prayer, Patience, Perseverance and Positivity. If you ever want to vent or talk, feel free to inbox me.
  11. You are way out of processing time! You should inquire ASAP via your congressman
  12. Any members who have successfully naturalized recently after VAWA? Please share your experiences.
  13. Happy New Year VJ family! May we see many more approvals this year! On another note, I have taken a deep interest in working with VAWA immigration and I’m looking for some formal education in this field so that I can actually volunteer or work part time in a law office. Can experienced members please advise on best certifications to take for this purpose?
  14. +1 for this info! So you still go for the interview and request your i485 to be held in abeyance. This will save your current EAD and you will be able to work. worst case, they say NO and you have to wait for your vawa EAD which you need takes a while. So with both scenarios factored out. Make a decision which seems best to you. Personally I went ahead for the interview and asked for my i485 to be held in interim. And it was. Vawa was already filed but I had no reciept yet. Talking of abuse and humiliation, know that this VAWA thread is all full of people with similar/ more or less experiences like you. We are a community of survivors and if we git through it, so can you!
  15. It’s sad that you’re going through all this!but you can do the following: 1- Gather all your necessary documents e.g marriage cert, pics together, joint bills. 2- email yourself a copy of all e-media such as bruise pics, threatening messages, etc. change your email password or alternatively make a new one which your spouse does not know. 3- Pack all necessary belongings in a single suitcase 4- Call police and say you are being abused(at the time it happens). Make sure they make a report. 5- Leave for a shelter. you will get access to pro-bono immigration attorneys there. Begin filing your VAWA asap. 6- Send an overnight carrier letter marked “urgent” with all your UScIS case numbers to your field office asking to hold the i485 because you’re going to file VAWA. Better if you still go to the interview and explain to them why you don’t have the letter and show them your online status saying your interview is scheduled( not sure if they will let you attend it, esp of your spouse is there too). 7- once VAWA is filed, start divorce proceedings 8- Attend therapy 9- you deserve a life of dignity and honor. Respect yourself enough to walk away 10- @sandranj is a lawyer, she is may take up your case if you request her. Other members like @Demise are very knowledgeable here and are your go-to resources. 11- You can file for fee waiver for the applications 12- This too shall pass and along with you, we shall all be celebrating your victory whenever it happens. 13- Good luck and best wishes. Keep on praying and working hard!
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