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  1. she was able to pick up her passport today gave us little stress lol but thank god it all worked out
  2. Hello , Need a little help please CR1 visa Mumbai Embassy Interview may 3rd. Approved Pick up we choose : Mumbai VAC Her visa was approved and the officer said you can collect passport tomorrow from Mumbai VAC ( pick up location we selected ) However , it's still not ready and her flight is on the 9th CEAC status shows. ISSUED Ustravel status shows passport still with embassy. Anything I can do to find out what's the hold up or see if they can get it ready by 9th ? Thank you Sorry just very nervous lol. Freaking out
  3. No NVC will not accept PCC from district police office Only from passport office
  4. Yeah she went to same passport office , All set and done thou her interview is in 2 days 😊 You send copy to NVC and take original to the interview
  5. May interview maybe ... Might get lucky , But can probably expect early June or mid June
  6. No not yet , I am counting on receiving that P4 letter / E-mail by this Friday for sure Let me know when you get it
  7. hey not recently CC , but my CC was March 14, got Interview date by phone on 3/29 Interview Date : May 3rd at Mumbai
  8. called NVC this morning got my Interview date, said assigned this morning , not on computer yet , CC was 03/14/2018 Interview May 3rd @ 7:30 , Mumbai Embassy
  9. Woohoo!! Congrats , I called NVC this morning and I got my Interview Date too !!! mine is on May 3rd @ 7:30
  10. Thank you, I hope you get your Interview date soon , same goes for me too , you been just 1 step ahead of me this process lol , don't let me beat you to Interview date
  11. yay nice !! , congratulations now the new Journey begins How was POE ? did officer ask any Q or anything ? my wife's POE might be Atlanta too
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