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    We married in The Netherlands in August 2016. I met my wife F♥ on a DJ site and started group chatting in about 2009. Evolved to FB, just friends. Until 2014, I chose her to mail with. I knew she was a US citizen. Needed some faraway backup... my wife got breast cancer back and died in May that year. We were married for 43 years. I have two girls and 3 grandkids. Living pretty close to them. They had a hard time also. F♥ and I wrote long letters since February. She suggested to Hangouts. My late wife and I took every step together, also during an awful 2013 with many chemos. She didn't get in a hospital and got professional care at home from April 2014. We knew from February she would die soon. F♥ and I had a click starting on Hangouts in October 2014. Thanksgiving she introduced me to her daughter visiting her from far. F♥ lives in Augusta. I did so with my family and her during December. I went to her May 2015. We met in the airport in Atlanta. I stayed for three months! We did match. Before I got there I got a stent in my heart and one in my aorta two months later. A month after that in February 2015 they had to redo. The stent was bend! Now she has been here twice. And I was there three times. Always 3 months in and out. I asked her to marry me Valentines day 2016. And we did in August in NL. Church, my family and friends, high tea, celebrations, wonderful wedding album... No family of her came over. They live very far apart. She sees her daughter and kids every week on Hangouts. She usually meets them once a year. We went there near Washington June 2015. Also that year December, we visited both her sons in Florida, she had not been with for 7 years. Her family lives in several states. Most of them in Indiana, where she comes from. F♥ is from 1939. She can make a bestseller of her life. Her nearest sister lives in Memphis TN. They meet most of their family on a yearly family reunion in Indiana. We've been there twice. She had 13 siblings. Still with 10 now. At the reunion they are with 60 to 80 peoples. October 6 2016, she flew back, alone. October 12 she send in her I-130 application. We got notified they sent it to be processed at the Nebraska office. The processing page shows they came as far as filed on May 2 this year (2017). In the meantime we talk almost every day on Hangouts. Her daughter and kids were there again for Thanksgiving. We hold on. I'll get there. He's got our backs, so says F♥. My house is already empty, I sold some after I gave away to the children what they liked to have. Next year Januari F♥ and I will be together again. (2018) We visited all of my family and most of my friends already. F♥ was in all provinces except Limburg. She met my 100+ year old mother. A smile is the same in every language. We will rent a little furnished forest cottage for 3 months. After a later visit that year of her to the NL we will separate again... (October 2017) 5000 miles apart. Near the cottage is a camping site, we have a caravan on. I will go there waiting for the interview. We need to stay in the day. It is what it is and that's all it is. Get over it and move on. We practice smiling a lot. And count our blessings. F♥ survived a neck wreck and she said farewell once to her daughter during a pneumonia. Her father threw her in the water and called: Swim, swim! She lost a twin and got 6 paints of blood. She has been a blood donor for years and still is. She does over 100 pull-ups in pool. She is on water aerobics three times a week. And she can swim... Ow... there is so much more I could write. She often says: I couldn't breath if He didn't take care of me.(Originally written about June 2017 and updated in August 2021, still waiting for the interview for removal of conditions.)

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  1. Thanks. Yes I can ask a Representative here in Augusta. But I don't believe this system will react on them. I hope you get your interview soon and we are interested if you do. Can you give us a message? Jozias and Florence.
  2. Anybody waiting for I-751 Atlanta interview? Sent November 2019! Got 2cnd extension to stay to June 2022. Please give us some advice and hope.
  3. I feel utterly bad! My 18 months extension ends in June. So this week I could finally start to make an appointment to have my card extended for longer. I don't know, a year? They will call me now within 14 days. I have phone on a cord now. Wouldn't want to miss this. W t h does it last so long for me? July 2020 was said to be my interview. I've never been so nocked out in this whole project since October 2016. 😩
  4. We did bio 12/11/2019 still waiting, interview expected July 2020. I hope you do much better.
  5. Congratulations! I can imagine how you feel. It's hard waiting for such a long time. We had bio Dec 9 2019 and are waiting since. June 14 my last card update will expire. So tomorrow I'm gonna call to get scheduled for Infopas and see that I get an extension stamp. Again, Congratulations with your greencard, worth a party! Regards, Jozias
  6. I did biometrics December 11, 2019. I was ready to be scheduled July 1, 2020. No appointment yet on April 10, 2021. Let's all fill out following spreadsheet from Lucky Cat. https://www.visajourney.com/profile/235355-lucky-cat/ Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Id1duRRByZHJmhEzl9N25GqwzcnUyLCR4e4N9W6zGLg/edit#gid=0 On his post from:
  7. Does for me. Many filled it out already. Thank you so much! I added a column that is also helpful. The duration from ready for interview to the actual interview. Maybe you can add one more for the whole process duration.
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