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  1. OlayemiLoray

    IR1/CR1 interviews at Lagos and Abuja Embassies

    Just go to the Consulate Review links under the Nigeria Portal and you will see some of the many different questions that were asked..You are also more than welcome to go under my timeline to see what questions they asked my husband...
  2. Sounds like not enough face time...As one person posted, just write a letter to withdraw the K1, go back to marry and file a CR1...In the meantime, keep on collecting evidence because we all know Ghana as well as Nigeria are difficult embassies...Good luck on the rest of your journey..
  3. OP said Nigeria and not Ghana...You should be fine once you respond to the RFE..Just try to more research on the visa you guys are applying for so you won't run into issues like this again..The Lagos Embassy have been doing a lot better when it comes to approvals..I love it how people throw up high fraud country, but a high fraud country where people have been getting approved left and right..Good luck on the rest of your journey OP!
  4. Yes, the attorney given you not so good advice..I'm sorry this happened to you so now the only thing to do is to marry and file the CR1 petition..Wishing you well on your continued journey..
  5. Well there it is...The engagement party is what got you denied..As the CO stated, get married and file the CR1.
  6. This right here...I wish someone would tell me not to snoop and especially to a person you about to say I do...Before I invest time and energy, I will do my investigation..I hope all works out for you...
  7. OlayemiLoray


    Every experience is different..Just because your interview went smooth sailing doesn't mean it will for the next...Btw, congrats on your approval...But as I was saying, it is better to be prepared and knowledgeable than to not know..Yes, Nigeria has had some issues in the past, but having a lot more approvals these days. However, I didn't take that for granted..I just made sure to get plenty of visits in as well as send in quality evidence...Again, congrats!
  8. OlayemiLoray


    Yes, she will be fine..
  9. OlayemiLoray

    K-1 Visa Interview Nigeria

    I don't think USC are allowed to enter..I was going to come down for my hubby's interview but decided to wait if he was approve for his visa to go down which he was...
  10. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival...I hope you are there in time to make it for the delivery..Again, congrats!
  11. Yes, been through the process which took us 13 months and 12 days from start to finish...Be sure to keep yourself busy, but most of all patience is a must...I will tell anyone that is going through this process that it is not for the faint of the heart, but in the end you will reap the benefits and rewards and that's being with your soulmate...With God, all things are possible..Wishing you well on your journey!
  12. When NVC see everything is fine with documents submitted (with no checklists), case will then be close and you will be put in the queue for an interview..For example, I submitted everything to NVC on December 23, 2017, case was closed 1/13/2018, received interview letter January 31, 2018, and interview was March 12th..That should pretty much give you an idea, but with everything being so slow, who knows...
  13. This is very much correct^^^^^
  14. OlayemiLoray

    Can I get ESTA visa back after 6 years

    You are correct..I am American and I Don't look at my passport when they stamp it...So I totally get It!
  15. OlayemiLoray

    Age difference

    A 10 year age gap is not that much of a difference..I am 10 years older than my husband and we went through, what some like to call, a difficult embassy (Nigeria)...However, we had very good quality evidence to prove a bonafide marriage and we were approved. OP you should be okay, just make sure to have good, credible evidence to back your relationship.