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  1. Well said on all of this..My husband (CR1) has been here over a year and the only thing he is not adjusting to is American foods...Thank God I love Nigerian cuisines and that we have many Nigerian/African restaurants here..When he first got here April 2018, he was without work until January 2019, but that's because at that time we weren't really looking and my income alone helped us along the way...I thank God he is not homesick, but does miss close family and friends...Other than that, the food seems to be the only issue for him..Everything has to be hot...Lol! I will say to anyone coming to a foreign land is research and learn that country you will be living in...
  2. I was just about to say the same..I read nothing in their response to OP to have spouse come to America to adjust status once he is here in America...
  3. A social security wasn't required for my husband when I added him to my insurance and he had a social at that time...Not mandatory or required, so keep fighting!
  4. Exactly...I couldn't file MFJ or MFS because my husband was in another country with no social security number..He was approved at his interview and once he got here to America and got his SSN, we got our 2016 and 2017 taxes amended...No wahala!
  5. When I filed my taxes, I could not add my husband because he was in Nigeria and did not have a social, so the tax rep told me I had to file single and not MFS and I also couldn't file HOH..It bothered me because I knew this was going to cause us an issue, but apparently the Lagos Consulate was aware of this happening and people still got approved and me being one..However, as soon as my husband got here, we had our 2016 and 2017 taxes ammended..I am not suggesting to you to do this, but if need be, apply for an ITIN for your spouse so that way you will be at ease..
  6. This is true..When I was going to visit my hubby in Nigeria, my drivers license and my flight itinerary had my maiden and married name, but my passport only had my maiden name. However, the ticket agent did informed me that I would need to get a new passport with my married name added because the next time I will not be so lucky..She had to go to her supervisor to get the go ahead for me to check in my luggage and get on my flight...As soon as made it back to America, I taken care of that...
  7. This woman just doesn't know how good of husband she has or had..You sound a lot like my husband who happens to be the foreigner and he doesn't believe in having debt or owing anyone...My husband have seen all the debt I've acquired before him and he is willing to pay it off and even if it means years to pay it off...I don't understand some of the mindsets of some women or men when they have a good spouse they are willing throw it all away behind nonsense..First and foremost, her mother shouldn't be all up in your business as if she's the one taken care of your home..You deserve better than this..If she can't or won't get her act together, let it go and move on..
  8. Yes it is...My husband had that an a signed affidavit from a close member of his family who was aware of his birth..No wahala!
  9. As stated, age difference is not an issue..I am 10 years older than my husband..The first time we finally met (March 2016) in Nigeria was a week visit...Met siblings, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends..Went a second time for 2 1/2 weeks (October 2016) is when we got married, went a third time (August 2017) while our petition was still in process at the USCIS stage, and went a 4th time (April 2018) to collect my husband to come home to America...We started out December 2014, gone for 3 visits, 10 years age gap, neither one of us has ever been married (a first marriage for both), neither one of us have kids, no RFE's during the USCIS stage, no checklist during the NVC stage, and he is now here since April 2018..I will say each case is different, but Lagos Embassy is not as difficult as it once was before..I will say get plenty of face time in and frontload your petition heavily to prove a bonafide relationship...Other than that, you should be fine...
  10. @Ariesown go visit, get married, go visit, go visit and go visit as much as you can..I am 10 years older than my husband, but we knew what needed to be done if we wanted to be together and that was plenty of facetime and other quality evidence to prove a bonafide relationship being that Nigeria is a high fraud country..We went with the CR1 which I would advise anyone to do who has a spouse in Nigeria or any other high fraud country for that matter..However, we didn't get married until my second visit, but to each it's own..Wishing you the best on your journey!
  11. Be sure to take his/ her passport inside the embassy so CO is aware they they are there in your country...I heard that helps a lot..
  12. I suggest more visits...Understanding you will be starting over in regards to a job, but truth be told, they could care less..Facetime is very important to them and especially when it comes to high fraud countries..As for the age difference, I don't really see it as being an issue because I know of others with larger age gaps that got approved, but you will need to overcome that obstacle by providing enough quality evidence to prove a bonafide relationship..When it comes to countries like Nigeria and Ghana, we can't stress enough facetime..Pictures, chat and call logs are just secondary evidence, but the facetime is most important..Wishing you well on your journey!!
  13. My petition took from February 2017 to November 2017 for approval..Interview was March 2017..It does not take 6 or 7 months as someone stated to get an interview unless things has changed..In all, our journey took 13 months and 12 days from start to finish...
  14. Now that I won't know because my husband caught an uber driver from the Mainland to the embassy...Traffic is pretty hectic in Lagos and especially around 3rd Mainland bridge, so it will be wise for him to stay close to the embassy..From my understanding they do have hotels with reasonable rates..
  15. As one member mentioned, do not buy airfare until visa and passport is in hand..Although my husband was approved at his interview, I wasn't going to take that chance..Also not true about the secondary part..My husband and I were together the whole time from the start of our flight to the end...No separation at all..Good luck on the rest of your journey!
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