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  1. Nope, photos are not required..The N400 is fairly easy and I found it much easier to file online..No pics required, but the last 3 years of tax transcripts, marriage certificate, and lease agreement or mortgage showing you two still lived together under the same roof are what is required..You will submit all that evidence online and if you have additional evidence to send such as a joint savings or checking account, life insurance and auto insurance showing you both on there to boost your case..
  2. I totally agree with you..This is why I really don't comment much here, but browse to seek the answers that I am looking for. We know Nigeria is not the only fraudulent country because there are plenty, but I would have to agree that fraud definitely runs rampant there. Don't let that be an issue for you...Just get the answers you need and focus on the journey at hand..Many blessings to you and your wife..
  3. Honestly for them to want to interview the U.S. citizen is rare..I don't want to assume, but there has to be more..I know you don't like all the questions, but in this group you have to be truthful and straightforward to get the answers you are looking for..What needs or should happen is that your significant other should make an account with VJ and ask the questions so that way it is more clear for the both of you. As the one gentleman stated, may need to get a lawyer involve.
  4. Naive to you, but as I said, I know of women who are 20 years plus older than their spouse and got approve..I am 10 years older than my spouse..I don't think it's the age that's an issue, I think it's something else for them to want to interview the wife who happens to be the U.S. citizen..They're not bringing her in for the age difference...
  5. Not so because I've sent money to my husband plenty of times, I am 10 years older than him, married on my second visit to Nigeria and we submitted all of docs for spousal visa (no RFE's), had interview on a Monday, was approved and received his visa and passport on that Friday..There could be more to the OP story..I know of other women who are 20 years plus older than their spouses and they got approved so I wouldn't say age is a factor...Yes, Nigeria is very much high fraud country as it is keep being repeated, but as I said it has to be more to this story, but don't really want to assume anything... Edit: I quoted the wrong comment but this was in response to sending money...
  6. I married on my second visit to Nigeria and I am 10 years older than my spouse, so that shouldn't be an issue..However, there maybe something on yours or her background is what is delaying an interview..You stated you did receive an RFE, was that taken care of?
  7. It will happen sis..Your husband will be here..Yes, Nigeria is a high fraud country, but not every Nigerian man or woman are into scamming..I am married to a Nigerian and have been 5 years and not to say all is peaches and cream because no marriage is perfect, but he is a damn good husband..Honestly, I had the same fears other women had with Nigerian men in reference to the scamming when we first started out, but glad I followed my heart..We just celebrated our 5th year anniversary last week and he went above and beyond..Yes, a high fraud country, but as I stated not all Nigerians are like that..The bad ones just make it bad for the genuine ones..Hopefully you will hear something soon..
  8. When I submitted ROC, I did include pics with a bit of info on each pic explaining where we were and whom we were with..Also sent in our bank statements showing we were co-mingling our finances, and bills with both of our names on it amongst other evidence..However, the mistake I made was not making copies of our whole ROC package because I read somewhere that you may have to bring it to your interview..Please be sure to make your copies and don't make the mistake that I've done..Hopefully they won't ask for it..Good luck on the rest of your journey!
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