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  1. @Sarah G photos are secondary evidence, but it does help to have photos with husband, family, and friends..Most important evidence is facetime in person and I see you got that down...I will never suggest anyone to use RV because they are known for making mistakes just as lawyers..This site is very helpful and wish you would have found it before you sent your petition off. As far as sending the pics after the fact, I don't know about that, but I am sure some of the veteran members will be able to answer your question.. Good luck on the rest of your journey!
  2. OlayemiLoray


    Yes, I receive the message in one of the groups that it is the American Service Centers that are closed and Not the embassies, but thanks!
  3. OlayemiLoray


    Yes, it was a miscommunication in a group I am in...Found out it is the American Service Centers that are closed..My apologies to everyone..
  4. OlayemiLoray


    Nigeria just made number 20 because as of yesterday it was 19 and Nigeria wasn't on the list until today...Hopefully this will be resolve soon...
  5. OlayemiLoray


    When was petition approved? Please know the difference between a petition and visa, however I knew what you meant...Depending on approval at USCIS, I would wait it out a couple of days..As one suggested read up on what's the next step while waiting on the packet..As of now all interviews are cancel and none are being scheduled for the Abuja and Lagos Embassy at this time because of the indefinite close due to Goverment shut down...
  6. You said it yourself you know it will be a tough embassy you will be dealing with is hint enough to have good, quality evidence to show a bonafide relationship....Please take the advice from those of us who has been through this process..I, myself dealt with a tough embassy so I had to make sure to have quality evidence to frontload to USCIS and to sideload (optional) to the NVC, but I will tell anyone dealing with a tough embassy to sideload as well...You already have 2 red flags going against you, one being the age difference and the marriage on 1st visit, so you will need to try to overcome both obstacles by getting more visits in besides just one..I wouldn't file after my first trip if I were you...I didn't file (Cr1) until after my 2nd visit and got a 3rd trip in while our petition was still in process at USCIS..Get in more visits, gather good quality evidence, frontload, and sideload..Good luck on your journey!
  7. OlayemiLoray

    Quickest Visa

    I don't think asking the OP if she has the money for their tuition any of your business..They asked a question if there is a quicker route to get them here and the response should have been no and that should have been it..In all your responses in other posts Aaron you come off as rude and condescending..Not asking to sugarcoat anything for anyone because the truth needs to be heard, but I don't think it takes being rude to get a question answered...
  8. I've never heard of anyone being denied at POE on Cr1, but I have heard of the beneficiary being turned back around to their country on a K1...I will say my husband and I was nervous when it came time for POE at IAH, but all they did was biometrics, asked for his full name, and told him welcome to America...You will be fine...
  9. OlayemiLoray


    Exactly!!! Celebrate what??? That he came over on her expense knowing he was gay???? Pfftttt!! This is very heartbreaking to say the least and pray that the OP find some answers as well as relief to all this madness...And let me be clear, I definitely don't have anything against with how one live their lifestyle because it is solely their choice..
  10. OlayemiLoray

    why a delay in NOA2

    @zahraa and @amy1411 bless both of you ladies...I know the wait time can be awful and some telling you to calm down is not what you want to hear because we've all been there and some are still going through it..Yes, it gets desperately frustrating and you have every right to feel the way you do..However to ease my mind, I kept myself busy during our wait time by picking up a part time job and making a trip to Lagos while our petition was still in process..It indeed helped a lot...If picking up a part time job or some sort of hobby to ease your mind while going through the USCIS phase, by all means to do so if you can...Our petition was sent out February 2017 and our petition was approved November 2017...I pray that both of your journeys end in praise...
  11. @Harnu I told you you will get the help if you ask here..I am glad someone was able to assist you on this matter...Let us know if all goes well..Good luck on the rest of your journey..
  12. The I-130A replaced the G-325A, so it has to be submitted with the I-130....
  13. OlayemiLoray

    Recieved NOIR

    This^^^^^^^ Everything Ms. Debbie mentioned above is what I've done...
  14. OlayemiLoray

    IR1/CR1 interviews at Lagos and Abuja Embassies

    Just go to the Consulate Review links under the Nigeria Portal and you will see some of the many different questions that were asked..You are also more than welcome to go under my timeline to see what questions they asked my husband...
  15. Sounds like not enough face time...As one person posted, just write a letter to withdraw the K1, go back to marry and file a CR1...In the meantime, keep on collecting evidence because we all know Ghana as well as Nigeria are difficult embassies...Good luck on the rest of your journey..