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  1. If my wife has a green card and I'm the sponsor, do I still need to fill out a form to mail or is NY wife filling it out online good enough?
  2. Haha, sorry I shouldn't have said anything. Would've been a nice surprise to you if the EAD just showed up one day!
  3. Wow bureaucracy produces such ridiculous results 🤣It's easier to laugh about it on the other side, but waiting to hear anything at all was so annoying. Hope everyone I March get their approval letters soon!
  4. EAD can still arrive anytime before the green card decision is adjudicated. The same thing happened to us, and according to USPS tracking, my wife's EAD arrived at our mailbox in the middle of our green card interview😂
  5. Thank you for your help! So USCIS doesn't legally required you to update them of a name change until it's time to renew? Didn't want to deal with the year-long processing time for the I-90 just for this.
  6. I guess my follow-up question is, if my wife changes her name, is she legally required to file an I-90 to update her name, or can we wait until it's time for renewal or update?
  7. I heard that some places no longer allowed name changes as part of the naturalization ceremony, is this true? Besides, N-400 is three years off
  8. Neither my wife nor I wanted to change our names after marriage, but some mix up happened at the marriage clerk's office and her last name got changed, so now her green card name now has my last name. We're thinking of legally changing her name back via court order (and at the same time changing her first name to her English name she's been using all her life). What would be the process to do that? Do we have to replace her green card first before changing SS card and driver's license? How long will it take to get a new green card in her new name? Hoping someone went through something similar and can provide some advice. Thanks in advance!
  9. We filled on January 9, 2019. Hopefully you get your interview soon! I hear it's really dependant on your field office.
  10. Had the green card interview in LA today! Was pretty quick, asked some of the questions that we filled out already in the AOS form, asked about how we met, our finances, looked at some photos, and then it was done! Said she'd make a decision in a week, was hoping it'd be instant like some people here but fingers crossed! Still no update yet. In other news, USPS says EAD arrived in our mailbox this morning in the middle of our interview hahaha
  11. EAD approved on online case tracker after 211 days! Just 6 days before the GC interview lol
  12. My wife called USCIS today and all Tier 2 would say is that it's under review. We're waiting for over 200 days now. Thank goodness our green card interview was scheduled for mid-August, but that just means that filing for EAD and AP was a waste of time.
  13. Over 190 days and still waiting for EAD/AP. This is ridiculous
  14. Received my scheduled interview letter today. Ridiculous that EAD/AP is taking longer than the LA office to schedule the green card interview. Oh well, fingers crossed that this part of the saga will be over soon. Good luck to everyone else waiting for updates!
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