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    Nov 08, 2019: I-129F sent and posted
    Nov 12, 2019: I-129F delivered to Lewisville TX
    Nov 19, 2019: Text message that case was received
    Nov 25, 2019: Hard copy NOA1 received
    Mar 25, 2020: NOA2 approval notice
    Mar 30, 2020: Hard copy NOA2 received
    May 14, 2020: NVC received (7 weeks after NOA2)
    Sep 29, 2020: Left NVC (after months of waiting due to COVID19)
    Oct 08, 2020: Packet 3 received via email
    Nov 06, 2020: Medical appointment done
    Nov 17, 2020: Medical report collected
    Nov 24, 2020: Visa interview (approved)

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  1. had my interview today and approved! hang in there, patience is indeed virtue ❤️
  2. Hi there, Just want to give you some support.. hopefully the situation will stabilize soon for your embassy to open up. In the mean time, you can start collecting documents or get familiarize, so once it's open you can speed up the process even more.. In our case, medical has to be done first before scheduling interview. Stay strong ❤️
  3. We have the same NOA2 date, and had our application sent to embassy on 29th Sept, with case status "ready" on 5th Oct. Currently waiting for Packet 3 instructions, and fingers crossed interview soon. Embassy: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  4. Just wanted to do an update here, to give some hope. NOA2 date: 26/03 We called on our 6th week last week and there were no record, was told to email them. Got a reply today (13/05) by email that they received our petition. We will give them a call by end of this week to get the number, just for them to have a little buffer in assigning the petition to a case number It'll come soon for those who are still waiting!
  5. Approved today after 135 days! Good luck to those who’s still waiting, it will come 🙂
  6. Congrats to all 🥳 Still waiting from our end, 134 days, but 🦾
  7. Guess I'm one of the few left for November filers.. Being contained at home is not helping but hey, keep smiling and waiting
  8. Hi there, I have the same NOA1 date as you too and also still waiting, so you're not alone in this battle :) Personally I feel that they might do extra checks on us, because we're both from Muslim countries, although I am not one. If it helps, you can talk to me too, it would be nice to have someone else going through the same situation together. Hopefully we will hear some good news this week, despite the uncertainty, I would also like it to be slightly later when the storm has passed i.e. with some embassies closing etc. Stay strong! <3
  9. With everything that is happening, just a reminder why flowers are more beautiful after rain. Sharing strength with everyone here, fighting each of our battles ❤️
  10. 101 days since NOA1. Feels like I can see a small light at the end of the tunnel😇
  11. Drowning myself with work is a good distraction. We're at 69 days so far hoping for great news in a month or so!
  12. Hi, I believe it's the date of NOA1, as the adjudicating times for NOA2 are tracked from the date USCIS received our application. To other more experienced members, please correct me if I'm wrong
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