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  1. These are people’s case numbers. Someone please take this picture down!
  2. I am stating the facts. We are all waiting. No case is the same. Just because someone has been approved does not mean your case should be approved at the same time as well. No, only a few people help out here. The vast majority do not even have their timelines filled. Someone people are here to snoop around and get questions answered, but not willing to help others.
  3. Yes I do get annoyed when people are not patient. Look at USCIS data and see, it is 5.5 months to get an EAD. So why are people asking from the month of October if anyone has gotten an EAD while neglecting those who are waiting frim months of June, July, August , September and probably before that. So waiting is part of the requirement. If you are struggling financially then apply to get your AED expedited.
  4. I would also suggest you create a timeline here and add it to your profile since you like coming here to ask questions and get answers. Since this is a platform in which everybody helps each other, it would be beneficial you do the same.
  5. Well he will have to sit and wait like everyone else here does.
  6. NO! Do not you have an interview lined already? You may need to wait for that.
  7. We received a RFE for birth certificate and we just had the birth certificate registry issue and updated version of it and sent that
  8. No, medical is valid for one year. That is a great timing!
  9. Do you realize there are still some folks from June, July, August, September still waiting right? Even a lot of folks who filed in October yet have not heard anything. Do not set yourself for disappointment by thinking you should get something in an X amount of time. Just Bc other people cases are moving faster or slow, does not mean yours will be the same. The EAD Can take more than 6 months BTW. Current processing times at USCIS is averaging 5.5 months.
  10. Do you have a timeline? It can potentially help you figure out how far are you from getting an interview? Also, for your EAD and AP.
  11. Make sure the beneficiary BC is up to the USCIS standard or you will get a RFE for it. I did get one and know of other people on the same boat as well!!
  12. Sure, we are al here hoping for the best, we must be realistic as well! There are people behind us waiting as well, but a lot of people just appear to be concerned about their own case. We can do better than just thinking about “me and my case”. Eventually we will all get there to the finish line.
  13. No Green card has been approved in 3 months around these times. I have seen 5.5 to 6 months the least.
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