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  1. I think those updates are meaningless, so no point in worrying about it. The only good thing is that the EAD and AP waiting times have decreased a bit according to the website, but again no one knows!
  2. Not sure what that is all about. Fingerprints were completed on November 29th.
  3. I just got an update that shows " Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken". Does anyone knows has the same update? What is this update even all about? Thanks!
  4. I’d suggest you do not try to find common sense because there is not one. To be honest, I am happy my husband is here with me and not abroad because the upcoming changes in immigration are looking ugly.
  5. All cases go through NBC in MO, then get shipped. It is my understanding.
  6. At that point, your file will be shipped to the your field office. Your field office will schedule an appointment for an interview when a slot become available. Check the processing times for your field office or look for people on VJ who are also going through the same AOS process as yours in the same field office So far, I know Boston, MA and Oklahoma are sort of moving fast.
  7. I honestly do not understand the deal with fingerprinting. Petitioner and beneficiary also get a background check abroad before getting a K1 approved as well. It is an extensive one because the FBI is involved and it happens before you get NOA2. I guess we will just move with the flow and hope for a smooth process. You get fingerprinted at your fiancé interview as well. Every single step in immigration requires fingerprints.
  8. Well, your fingerprinting is completed when you go to the ASC center. It is hard to know what happens at NBC as we do not work there, but I suspect one of their main functions is to ensure your file is shipped to your field office. Also your EAD/AP is processed there.
  9. Norfolk VA Date Filed : 2019-05-15 NOA Date : 2019-05-20 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2019-09-11 AOS Transfer** : Interview Date : 2020-01-03 Approval / Denial Date : I found a time for your same CIS, but this person filed in May. I do not know if this could help, but perhaps some idea on waiting times.
  10. Immigration fraud and huge immigration influx are the main reasons for which cases have slowed down. The more you read here in VJ; the more you learn about what human beings are capable of doing for a US visa.
  11. Yes, but then once you are here. You start seeing frustrations coming afloat, like inability to work, inability to drive and living in the US is expensive. For some couples finances are a concern, for others no.
  12. I have heard that at NBC it is kind of NVC (abroad); they look at all your documents and gets your file shipped to your CIS office. Once all your docs are good and nothing it is missing; your status will change to “ready for interview”. Once the package gets to your field office, then that it is when your interview gets scheduled. How soon you will get an interview slot depends on the field office, most AOS cases are taking less than a year. I am not sure about all this process, but this is how I understand it.
  13. It is taking the same amount of time as the fiancé visa including AOS. But if you want to get a driver license and have the ability to work right away, it is the way to go. I have seen a lot of people lately taking the spouse visa route.
  14. I disagree! I think granting multiple entries on a fiancé visa would truly become a mess. People need to make up their minds on what they really need upon entering the USA and make decisions based on what visa to apply based on that. Though I would like to say that I have seen faster processing times for AOS from a K1 visa lately.
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