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  1. There are actually a couple of lines. There is the one outside the embassy before security, which is the one which most of the reviews refer to, and I skipped that and headed straight in. After security, there is a large room with a reception desk with a queue where they stage everybody with a particular appointment time. I headed for the elevators, but she asked me what time my appointment time was and told me to join the line, saying we'd be sent up when our appointment time was reached. However, it got about 10 minutes past my scheduled appointment time when I asked whether it's going to be much longer. She then said "K1? Why didn't you say so. Go straight up.".
  2. Best of luck! It seems daunting, but there really isn't anything to worry about. They just ask for your documents and will ask a few questions about how you met, what you both do for work, etc. The embassy is architecturally pretty spectacular in my opinion, so I really enjoyed seeing it. One mistake I made was to wait in the non-immigrant line in the elevator lobby for about 25 minutes (for B1/B2 visas) when you actually are processed in the 'immigrant visa' section of the embassy, so make sure to ask! Let us know if you have any questions
  3. The "Applicant's Readiness Form" hasn't been used for quite some time. Follow the instructions on the embassy website here which describes the full process as well as the documents you need to bring: https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/
  4. coltr

    K1 visa

    I believe you just need to bring a new signed Statement of Intent to Marry to your interview if your K1 petition has expired.
  5. Congratulations! It should be with you in the next few days I don't know how I'd get through this process without the community on here. It's an emotional rollercoaster. I'd already booked flights to the UK for Christmas, so have been panicking that I won't receive my card in time.
  6. I had my AOS from K1 interview on Tuesday in Los Angeles (City), and received the card in production message on Wednesday morning. This morning I just received a notice of a status change, and it has switched back to approved. I filed an AR-11 to change my address pretty close to my interview (I can actually still receive mail at my previous address, we recently moved out of my mother-in-law's place), so I assumed that this was what had caused it. I've attached a screenshot of my case history. It looks like your case followed exactly the same pattern. It's a relief to know that this seems to be standard process, and that it's probably unrelated to the AR-11. USCIS disclosed during a call that there's actually a 48-hour hold before they start production of the card, so it could just be that the hold has now elapsed, so the case has now gone to approval, and is queued for production. I wonder if this 48-hour hold is in place to allow them to resolve any outstanding service requests before issuing the card, such as an AR-11, as they did in my case.
  7. I received the notice today. It is for November 19th. My case looks like it was transferred from Los Angeles County to Los Angeles, as the interview is at the office on 300 North Los Angeles Street.
  8. LA County here. Received an email today to say that my interview has been scheduled. Waiting for a letter in the mail to confirm the date. Much faster than I was expecting. I'm a February filer and wasn't expecting an appointment until next year.
  9. I also got married in Vegas! It was great fun and the chapel was lovely. Got the certificate the same day, and then had a fantastic meal at Catch in the Aria. We then hit the strip later on to hit up a few bars. Vegas is really set up for weddings, and you can make a memorable weekend out of it. Everything was extremely efficient. They even have self-service kiosks in the courthouse for you to print copies of various things and access information.
  10. I saw this too when I applied for my social security card. I assume that it means that you eligible to work with DHS authorization, as opposed to types of visas which do not permit any kind of work authorization (see the three types of card here https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/cards.htm). In any case, it wasn't an issue for me at all. The social security office were familiar with the K-1 visa and processed my application without any questions.
  11. I applied for a social security number 1 week after arriving. Providing you have an unexpired I-94 showing entry on your K-1 visa, then you can apply for a social security number, which will help you with building a credit score, applying for bank accounts and setting up health insurance. You likely can get a bank account and health insurance without an SSN, but it will give you more options and make things easier. VisaJourney has instructions here: https://www.visajourney.com/content/ssn/ Your initial social security card will display "valid for work only with DHS authorization" which can be removed once you have adjusted status.
  12. If you are only just considering filing for the K-1, I would strongly urge you to also consider the CR-1 route, which allows you to marry on your own timeframe and file for a spousal visa. The CR-1 costs less overall, and for the sake of waiting a few additional months, your fiancé will be able to work and travel immediately as a permanent resident upon arriving in the US. You also should be able to visit each other in the mean time. Check the processing times for your Local Field Office for processing family-based I-485 before filing which will indicate the processing time for Adjustment of Status if your fiancé arrived on a K-1, and compare to the CR-1 processing times. In my experience, Adjustment of Status from a K-1 is time-consuming and can be stressful and I wish I had gone for a CR-1 instead. I entered on a K-1 and it took almost 9 months before I received work and travel authorization, and am still awaiting my green card interview.
  13. A copy of your ESTA is unlikely to add any weight to your petition. Prioritise evidence indicating that you were in the same place at the same time, such as photos, boarding passes, credit card statements, reservations in both of your names. The more that you can demonstrate you spent time together, especially if over multiple visits, the stronger your petition will be. USCIS are able to access your I-94 which shows any occasions when you have entered or departed the United States. You can also view this yourself online here. I assume that your fiancé is from the UK which is a relatively low-fraud country, so you don't have to go completely overboard. I included: Several photos of us at romantic dinners, meeting family and friends. Boarding passes for each of my visits. Credit card statements from both of us showing we were in the same locations at the same time. Screenshots of a few text message exchanges. A relationship timeline.
  14. Sorry for the confusion, I meant landing cards!
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