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  1. My apologies! Okay, so I applied in the first week of Jan '20. The website said it will take 2-4 months to get approval. So, I just applied because my fiance was sending in the application in the first week as well. Little did I know, they approved my PC mid of Jan. I was supposed to go pick it up in person but I got caught up with work and couldn't take the day off to travel 20km out of the city to get it. Then the Covid-19 happened and my country is in lockdown, even the govt offices are closed. I can't pick up the PC now, or even reapply for it. So, yes you are right, I was way ahead of myself in applying for it. I really didn't expect it to get approved so fast. The best thing I can do now is wait for the city to reopen again and travel to the offices to get it and try to reapply again so it will be closer to my interview date. Hopefully that works.
  2. I may have made a mistake in this. I applied for the Police cert early this year when my fiance applied for the visa. We received NOA1 and police cert in the same month. If we're fortunate, we'll receive NOA2 end of next month but it'll prob take longer than this. I tried reapplying the police cert but they kept telling me that to take the approved one and I'm not sure if I can apply for another after that. But I can't take them now coz all the govt offices are closed during this lockdown. It's mostly my fault, as I didn't pick up the approved cert when it was ready... sigh.
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