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  1. Have your paperwork un order and there are no issues. My husband said everyone was nice and helpful and they asked 3 questions. Good luck!
  2. Everything went well and he was approved they were very fast and efficient. The only problem we had was with Dr. Claudia Bravo at Honduras Medical Center she refused to see my husband because she said his passport was too dark. She said she had the authority from immigration to critique the passports and told my husband that the embassy would not accept his passport. We freaked out, that appointment was the 5th and his interview date was the 10th. We tried all day to get a new passport but were told that there was nothing wrong with the one he had. Long story short we ended up in San Pedro Sula at Clinica Cemesa with Dr. Fernando Valerio and everything went well. Had I given up and listened to that woman my husband would be at the back if the line again. Good luck everyone!
  3. My husband has his interview today. We were notified 06/04/2019 of the interview and had a very short time to prepare.
  4. We are in the process of doing the same right but if you could dm me the information that would be great just in case.
  5. In our case they are requiring it before they even schedule the interview as well as the police cert.
  6. Attached is what they are asking for thats the example out attorney sent to us from the website. Its the copy of their name in the record of births and is different than the partido de naciemiento EJEMPLO DEL PARTIDO NACIONAL.pdf
  7. Congratulations! Prepare yourself we recieved a letter from immigration that we needed to send in my husbands police certificate and el partido nacional. Those are things we were told we would not need until the visa appointment. If you are in the US you will need a power of attorney for someone else to obtain the police report. We had to travel all the way to LA to the consulate to get the POA. Now we are back to waiting.
  8. I am also currently waiting for my step sons appointment. We have everything in ordet as far as I know except for a recent lettet we recieved asking for his Honduras police certificate and the Copy of Birth Folio (Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos). I am confused because I thought that he would not need these things until the interview? Anyone else?
  9. Has anyone who is waiting for an appointment recieved a notice asking for their criminal record report and their copy of their name in the national registry of people? We recently did and I thought these were items we would not need until the interview?
  10. We also recently received what our lawyers are thinking is a letter in error. I am hoping that some glitch has made these letters go out. Good luck.
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