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  1. My fiancé arrived last week from Honduras. We are a little confused on how license/social security works. Our lawyer says he can drive in Alabama with a Honduras licenses. And my friend who is a state trooper says he can not. Our lawyer also said we had to wait until the green card for social security but we also have a friend at the social security office saying he can with the form i94. Can someone give me info on their experience. I’m just confused since everyone is telling me something different!
  2. How long do you stay in administrative processing before visa status say issues. We were approved July 25th at the Honduras embassy. Thank you.
  3. Our interview is July 25th and just want to make sure my joint sponsor will be okay!! my parents file taxes together, I got them both to fill out the affidavit of support just in case. Together they make a little over 100,000. My family does foster care so there is 4 dependents in the house. Will this meet the requirements. My lawyer says it should be but may be an issue for the aos interview and made me nervous. Thanks for any advice
  4. My interview was June 25th at the Honduras us embassy. Of course they were closed and we were told to reschedule. When we rescheduled the only date available was the 25th of July. I think that they are making sure the people who’s interview was canceled go first maybe. I’m not sure. If you have any questions give me a message I will send you my email
  5. Yes and we have received nothing. We have tried calling they say they can’t give us information. It said we were allowed to book an interview on our case status so i guess se see okay
  6. Does anyone going through the us embassy in Honduras know if you receive a packet 3? We have an appointment the 25th and no word of a packet 3
  7. Has anyone had delays on the packet three? Our interview is July 25th and still haven’t received one. We have called but they say they can’t give us info🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. We were notified to reschedule our appointment the Friday before they opened back up. We got an email. I think right now they are doing interviews for the ones that were canceled and will do new ones after maybe. I’m not sure. there was only one date for us to pick and it was the same date as the one we had in June. Goodluck to all of you!
  9. He received a couple of shots while there. Maybe they missed one. They were specific and said they would give him more info when he came
  10. My fiancé took his medical exam, and they called him saying when he picks up his medical he will be charged additional money for a medicine but wouldn’t tell him what for.. as far as we are concerned he is healthy.. should I be worried?
  11. So I got my case number may 6th and the shipment went out yesterday may 14th. I saw people’s website say in transit that had the same date for their case number. Should I be worried mine didn’t send out? Why wasn’t mine if others from my date got shipped?
  12. Does everyone’s case status change at once? Mine hasn’t changed and I’ve seen people’s that have😞
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