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  1. Case status of I-131 has been that error message from the very beginning until now. -> I already contacted USCIS tech support for this issue, and was told that they will get back to me in a few weeks. Case status of I-765 "We received your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and mailed you a receipt notice." -> under "Document" tab, I found biometrics reuse notice (and its paper copy was mailed to me the following week) -> briefly 5-6 weeks after the previous message, the status got updated as "Card is being produced" Not sure if my I-131 has been approved as well. I will just wait and see if I actually get biometrics appointment notice via mail.
  2. I know! 2017? That's ridiculous! I hope the Tier-2 officer you will talk to has better answer such as 2017, 2018 interview is now done? Please share with us if you talk with a Tier-2 officer. For somehow I could not reach Tier-2 officer at all via call these days.
  3. I'm too a Seattle AOS filer (PD May 2019) Here's what I have found so far recently. A few days ago, from FB -> I read a post of a marriage based AOS filer of Seattle (PD March 2019) that she got an 'interview scheduled' notice and now waiting for the actual interview date via mail. 2 weeks ago, from Seattle Green Card WhatsApp group -> someone from the group got a chance to talk to a Tier-2 officer, and was told that the AOS interviews that Seattle FO is focusing on is for the people who filed in 2017. (not a typo. 2017)
  4. While waiting for AOS interview, I applied for the renewal of EAD/AP, and got biometrics reuse notice in the end of September. Yesterday (October 22nd), I got 2 text messages and 2 emails notifying as "We have taken an action on your case" So far I do not see any changes made for I-485, I-130, I-765, however the case status of my I-131 is unavailable. When asked Emma, I'm required to attend a biometrics appointment, and it has not been scheduled yet. Seriously?? After getting biometrics reuse notice, and will get a biometrics appointment? Anybody has the same/similar situation with me?
  5. My PD is May 2019 and I got RTS(Ready to be scheduled for an interview) in September 2019. I had the same situation in July this year. Without having any interview schedule received, I got an interview cancellation notification and a RTS notification on the same day. From immigration forums, I read that address change update or EAD/AP renewal submission may cause such notifications, however neither of those applied in my case. My lawyer said that it seems like a system and/or employee error that I can ignore.
  6. EAD renewal is free while your AOS is pending. Just send the renewal document package ASAP, cuz renewal takes longer time these days.
  7. Yeah I feel your pain. Let's think positive. Newark FO may not be fast, however it is not a worst case, if compared to slower FO Let me tell you about Seattle FO for instance. There still are marriage based AOS filers who are waiting for the GC interview 2 years already. There could be more FO whose processing time is as slow as Seattle.
  8. I-485 interview schedule depends on field offices. Not sure where your field office is and how slow FO in NJ is, however on VisaJourney I-485 timelines, someone from NJ (PD May 2019) had interview in August 2020 at Newark NJ FO. Enter your field office and compare your timelines https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?vtype=&op8=Newark+NJ&interview=&xfr=&op1=d&op2=&op3=&op4=1&op5=5%2C6%2C8%2C9%2C10%2C11&cfl=0 And you can check USCIS processing time for I-485 in accordance with FO. For instance, as of today, out of normal processing time for I-485 at Newark FO is : February 15, 2018 https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  9. So you filed marriage-based AOS and now about to renew EAD? My lawyer prepared EAD renewal for me. For current immigration status or category, he wrote : Pending Adjustment of Status
  10. Problem solved. I called USCIS, was transferred to tech support team, and the tech person provided me access code to enter my receipt to DHS's USCIS webpage.
  11. I got a copy of my birth certificate through consulate, and had it translated and notarized at the consulate too. And I submitted both copy of the original in my language and the translated(and notarized) copy of it.
  12. Congratulations! omg...3 years??? seriously? So..you had the interview at Seattle FO right? I too am a Seattle filer still waiting for interview since last year. (my PD is May 2019). May I ask your timeline if you don't mind please?
  13. Hi All, While I haven't heard of I-485 interview yet, I sent EAD/AP combo card renewal to USCIS two weeks ago. And today I got 2 text messages that my case was received. I entered the two receipt number (which starts with 'IOE') on USCIS tracking page, however, only I-765 receipt number can be checked. Each time I try to enter the other receipt number (which I assume it is my I-131 case), it returns an error message as below. "Validation Error(s) You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding: You are attempting to add a receipt number that does not exist in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again." I triple checked my receipt number, and it is correct. Anybody has same issue?
  14. My husband's employer asked my SSN to add me as my husband's dependent on his health insurance. It was before I got SSN, so instead I gave my USCIS Alien Number which I found from NOA1. (and I was added on the insurance successfully) And later I had the Alien Number replaced with SSN when I got it.
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