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  1. My interview was similar, only multiplied by 3 because I have two K-2 kids. We were approved the next day but only found out in a week, the status changed from "My interview was scheduled" to "My card was picked up by USPS", nothing about being approved or the card being produced, must have been something wrong with their website. So, if you don't have any updates today, it doesn't necessarily mean you are not approved. Good luck!
  2. Thank you! Thank you! Of course I'll share a picture with my VJ family Fingers crossed for your quick verification and getting a job! Thank you! I am happy too that I won't be running around with a newborn doing paperwork or interviews! Good luck with your driving test! Ugh, that is something I will have to start learning as soon as the baby is here, I can't drive yet... Aww, wedding preparation must be fun Looking forward to your beautiful October pictures too!
  3. Hi everyone! We received the green cards last week, just 2 days shy of 6 months since applying. Hard to believe that this time last year I was excited about getting NOA2 and looking forward to the interview, and now the whole quest is over, and the new baby is due in three weeks Quite a productive year Our thread has become really quiet, but It's been fun to be a part of it. Thanks everyone for your support! Wishing smooth and speedy approvals to those who are still waiting!
  4. Thank you! As far as I know, they don't see pregnancy as evidence as it happens not only in bona fide marriages. I was pretty worried about that question being a problem, besides, my son was behaving like a monkey and saying "Mh-hmm" when I was saying "No" to the terrorist questions But in spite of their joint effort to mess up the interview, everything turned out to be OK.
  5. Unbelievable!!! Our cards have just arrived!!! No more USCIS for the next 2 years!
  6. So unfortunate! SSA can be quite annoying. I wanted to change my card to my married name in early December, and that never happened, they were twiddling their thumbs until my visa expired, and then I had to wait for the EAD and apply again Without the card in the new name we couldn't even file taxes. Luckily, the second time it didn't take long. If I were you, I would go there again to kick them. Hope you can start working soon!
  7. Hi everyone! We had our AOS interview on June 26. The officer was probably new to this job because there was a supervisor present. He just went over the form with me and my daughter (14 y.o.), she got fewer ''terrorist" questions though. My son (11 y.o.) was just asked his name and address. My husband got only one questions that he had absolutely no clue about - my parents' names He is terrible with names! The officer didn't even look at supporting evidence, he only took the kids' copies of vaccination reports, and my new form I-693 that says that I can't complete vaccinations due to pregnancy. He was not sure if the kids' ones were complete (in spite of them being marked as "Complete"), so he said he would double check and make a decision later. On July 3 I got an email that the case is still being reviewed and there are no updates - and several hours later there were 3 approval notices in the mail!!! Yay!!! Today the status changed from "My interview was scheduled" to "My card was picked up by USCIS", nothing about being approved. So, the electronic notifications seem to be not very reliable...
  8. Fingers crossed for you guys! I'm sure everything will be fine, but I won't congratulate you just yet, let's wait for the official approval My interview is scheduled for the 26th, I should start collecting all the supporting evidence.
  9. Hello everyone! I haven't been here for a while, too busy studying Congrats on all the approvals, interviews, new cards and other good news! I got my EAD approval in the mail yesterday, now waiting for the card, yay! My AOS interview was scheduled on the 22nd, hopefully the letter with all the details arrives soon. How long does it usually take from getting the letter to the interview? Our baby is due in July, it would be wonderful to have this quest over with by then
  10. Eric&Olya

    Consular Fee

    She has to pay it in Ukraine at any Raiffeisen Bank Aval branch. The deposit slip is generated when she submits the form, so she'll need to print it out and take to the bank.
  11. My fiance (now husband) accompanied me and my kids to the interview. It was relatively fast and very smooth, we were asked a couple of questions and got an approval. If you look at the reviews, most interviews in Kiev are like that if there are no red flags whether the petitioner is present or not. If your relationship is genuine, you have nothing to worry about. Make sure you bring your US passport if you decide to attend.
  12. That's just funny, whatever I bake is not sweet enough for Eric, and whatever he buys is too sugary for me - and he claims that he is indifferent to sweets Never tried girl scout cookies, by the way.
  13. Thank you! Donuts are not tasty here, too sweet for me I wonder how you are coping with the absence of you usual crazy social life Must be harder for you than for most of us boring people.
  14. Thank you! I was officially called an "old pregnant lady" at the clinic, now I am using it as an excuse to delegate some chores to Eric Thank you! Apparently, we haven't been wasting time Wedding preparation must be exciting! Is it going to be a big reception? I miss Ukraine too, mostly because I'm stuck in a little town that is very unfriendly to pedestrians. Ugh
  15. I'm not in a hurry to get to work because we're expecting a little boy in July