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  1. We added TOS (Terms of Service) + a reply from a website customer service stating they are not an IMB (just write them a letter asking for an advice if they are IMB). This way you have a double confirmation of that. Better to prove this, so you would not get an RFE. Good luck in your K-1 journey!
  2. Here are examples of all forms you may need for K1 filling: https://www.visajourney.com/content/examples/
  3. As to the translation - here is the certifying signature we used: https://www.visajourney.com/content/translations/
  4. Pitaya, Thanks for looking into this. It seems to be not an easy question. Actually, my fiance (the Petitioner) got already a certified copy of his divorce document from the court. But it is the JUDGMENT of Absolute Divorce , NOT the Divorce DECREE Absolute. As I described above.The state is Maryland. So, I am curious if it will be OK to send the certified JUDGMENT of Absolute Divorce? I read everywhere, including here, that USCIS need a Divorce DECREE Absolute. I am not sure about a difference between these two documents, as well as names may differ from state to state. Thanks.
  5. Dear VJ members who have experience with filing for K-1 after a divorce, could you please share your experience - What document did you file? Did you have it certified in the courthouse? My fiance (the Petitioner) got a copy of the JUDGMENT of Absolute Divorce on his mail about 2 weeks after the final hearing in the court. That judgment didn't have a seal such documents are supposed to have. Reading through the topics here I came to the conclusion that it's better to go to the courthouse and get the certified copy of the Divorce DECREE Absolute. My fiance agreed. But what he got now in the courthouse is a certified copy of the JUDGMENT of Absolute Divorce. So, NO Divorce DECREE Absolute. I am puzzled. Is the JUDGMENT of Absolute Divorce the same thing as the Divorce DECREE Absolute? Will it be enough if we file the certified copy of the JUDGMENT of Absolute Divorce with our petition? It seems these documents may have different names in different states. The state where my fiance was divorced is Maryland. Much thanks for your help!
  6. Have you tried to call them? I think it's the best way to find out what happens and make the process move if it is stuck for some reasons. There is their phone number in Instructions for I-129F. Good luck!
  7. Well, they got an RFE requesting them to notarize their translation with certification/attestationn. That is they had their translation certified by themselves as described in this topic. But USCIS required them to notarize that translation.
  8. Well, than it's not clear for me why that guys got an RFE requesting them to notarize their translation?
  9. payxibka, USS_Voyager, Greenbaum, Thanks! Does such translation work only for non-official documents (like charts)? Official documents (like a birth certificate) require a translation by certified translators/translation agencies, right? I have read here on the forum that someone received RFE because they translated their correspondence and birth/or divorce certificate themselves, but didn't have that translation notarized. That is I see it like that: - non-official documents can be translated by ourselves and need to be certified like it is described here https://www.visajourney.com/content/translations/ - official documents must be translated by: * certified translator/translation agency * or by ourselves, but than this translation with personal certification need notarization Right?
  10. Hello everyone! Please, advise - do such evidence documents as chart logs, train tickets, etc. need to be translated by a certified translator or it would be enough if I ( the beneficiary ) or my fiance translate it yourself and put such a certification to certify a translation: https://www.visajourney.com/content/translations/ ? Actually, I have done already the translation of our chart log (we selected some parts from each month) and now we are thinking how better to certify it. The document is pretty long, about 40 pages (I have 2 columns table: 1-st column translation and 2-d column original text). We both are fluent in English, but our native language is Ukrainian. That is why we communicated in Ukrainian. I have read different topics on this subject on VJ and also the USCIS official page, but still don't have a clear answer in my mind. Someone told it was OK to do it yourself, someone that it may cause problems. What is your experience with that? Also, if we would decide for hiring a translator to have it reviewed and certified by them - is it OK for USCIS if a translation agency would be not american, but foreign (ukrainian)? It is much cheaper here. Or they prefer to have translations certified by american translation agencies? Much thanks for sharing your experience on this subject!
  11. Jorgedig, I don't want to conceal anything. I just want to be prepared. For example to bring my CV (though it's not required), whatever else what I can do to make the process smooth and more quick. That's why I asked that questions. Maybe some people already had similar experience and may advice smth.
  12. geowrian, Thanks for your answer. Yes, we don't know what triggers these checks. So, I have to be prepared for that.
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience, yuna628! Yep, I read a few cases that people who work in tech got additional admin check because of this. This is for CIS region. That's why I decided to clarify it.
  14. I read it on Russian speaking visa forum. And how about admin checks for fiancee only because she is in tech? Have you heard of such cases? Thanks
  15. Boiler, well, I read that people brought their CV, publications, detailed descriptions of projects on which they worked, contacts of previous employers - that may help to explain everything a bit. I am definitely not a spy :))) Did you have any experience yourself with admin checks because of the tech profession? Actually, it sounded a bit strange for me initially - admin check only because you are in tech. But then I read several such examples and wanna be prepared. Thanks.
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