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  1. My fiancee passed her interview last week and could have the visa issued any day now according to the current status on the CEAC website. We are wondering if she will be contacted by the courier or anyone else to tell her it is on the way? She is worried she may be at work and miss it.
  2. They want proof of a continuing relationship. They will have your I-129f packet and the evidence provided there. They want to see that the relationship has continued past your in person meeting shown in the I-129f.
  3. My fiancee actually just had her interview and was approved on Tuesday. She was able to schedule it back on the 16th and kept it a secret from me for a few days. 😄
  4. My fiancee was approved Tuesday. I sent the I-134, a letter from my employer and my tax transcripts (printed from the IRS website) for the past 3 years. The I-134 needs to be an original because it's an official form that requires a signature, like the I-129f. My employment letter did not have a signature, but it did have contact information for the HR department in case of any questions. I mailed all of these documents to her though I could have e-mailed the transcripts and employment letter to her for printing.
  5. Forgot to post an update, but my fiancee had her interview yesterday and was approved, however, she didn't take her daughter with her and is now on her way to the embassy again. 😂 Apparently she called the embassy the day before the interview to ask about bringing her daughter, and they told her it wasn't necessary, and then the CO said she was supposed to be there. I had also told her that she needed to attend. 🤷‍♂️
  6. My fiancee is on her way to the interview right now, very nervous and excited! 😀
  7. There is one caveat: If you buy tickets with flexible dates, it's fine to purchase with a tentative travel date. For example, in my case, in order to get tickets with the option to pick my seats in order to sit with my fiancee and daughter, I have to buy upgraded tickets anyways, and this includes free rescheduling.
  8. It was about 2 weeks calling multiple times per day.
  9. My fiancee was able to schedule an appointment for Oct. 30th at the Moscow embassy. She's had it scheduled since Oct. 16th. Aaaaaand reality finally started to kick in for her and she's been really sad about leaving her friends and family. She just had her medical exam on Friday.
  10. My fiancee got an interview scheduled for Oct. 30th on Oct. 16th. She wanted to surprise me, but ended up sending me a screenshot of the confirmation email because I was being really pessimistic about the wait and she wanted to cheer me up. Needless to say, it worked. 😄
  11. My fiancee is still dug in and looking for an appointment in Moscow and also not pushing too hard to get into a Whatsapp group I told her about that tracks appointment availability. Saw someone with a CR-1 get an appointment for Nov. 29, but I don't know if CR-1s share the same slots as K-1s. It's all a big mystery and the embassy and State Department aren't willing to share anything besides "We're sorry. It's due to Russia imposed staff reductions." Actually, it's due to US imposed staff reductions which were just reciprocated by Russia, but nice trying to pass the blame for ignorant people who haven't been following this high school drama.
  12. When you signed up for an appointment, how many dates were available? My fiancee has been checking in every day and hasn't seen anything. We're all working on K1s as well, so our process may be different.
  13. No good news. Sent an email Monday and they sent a response to my fiancee. They're blaming it on staff reductions due to Russian sanctions. As far as I'm aware, each country booted 60 diplomats and shut down one consulate. There was no stipulation saying the staff from the closed consulates couldn't be moved to work in another one. The Moscow embassy still employs over 1100 staff, one of the largest in the world. My fiancee has been checking every day for the past week and half for an appointment with no luck.
  14. Yay! Congratulations!! Are you planning on going through Moscow or transferring to another embassy?
  15. It depends. Figure out what the payment instructions are for Japan through ustraveldocs.com. Then you will know if you can pay directly or indirectly like the two examples I gave in my last reply. There's no rule that says you can't provide the funds. It just depends on what the embassy in Japan wants or accepts as payment as to how you will go about paying. If it wasn't clear enough in my last reply: If debit/credit card payment is an option, pay that way. If the petitioner has to go pay at a bank, then wire her the funds through any of various methods to do that.
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