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    Chris and I met online in Second Life in 2012. We were just good friends as I was with someone and then last fall he was telling me his dating woes in RL and how he was never dating or getting married again ever. I replied yeah me either and then we starting talking more and more and then we met up in RL and the rest is history. He asked me to marry him when I was down to his place in Colorado Springs for our second visit.

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  1. Most definitely cheaper to buy a car down here than in Canada. And like Madiartzer said easier.
  2. No we did not have to which was good cause my husband at that point was not working and I was the one making all the money. Still am although he now has a part time job. Funny how things change that way. Yeah those interview letters are hard to read into what exactly they mean. We just brought the current tax stuff since we had sent in 2016 taxes so when we had our interview we brought 2017 taxes. So if I were you just bring in the 2018 taxes. Wow I did not bring near that much and we were ok. All we brought was our joint bank account, our car insurance, the title to my car in both our names, the health insurance and I brought other things but they weren't interested. He did however love my picture collage I had made up of our first year together since moving to the USA back in October 2017. Right now I am currently preparing for my ROC which isn't for another year but as we collect stuff I add it to our folder lol. We are currently working on getting a mortgage and buying a house which for both of us is a first as we have only ever rented but we both recently cleared all debts and are for the first time debt free and ironically we decided to go for a house because we both want a place to call our own. A place we can putter around in, do gardening, painting, and grow old together. :) Good luck on your interview. You both will do great.
  3. I honestly stayed in Montreal for 11 days (had to be more due to the fact my interview was around thanksgiving. lol) at an airbnb apartment that was a ten minute walk from the embassy and medical. My Mum and I made a vacation of it since I was moving away and it was gonna be hard leaving. I am from Manitoba so for me it just made so much more sense money wise. We had so much fun sightseeing in Montreal. We have decided that sometime in the future we will meet there for another one along with my husband.
  4. OMG I though it was just here that was like that. Drives me crazy. What else drives me crazy is sooo many people here drive with no lights at night, when its foggy they do not put their lights on or when its blizzarding. I am like REALLY omg people. I swear that that where I live is the worse for driving. Honestly it puts Montreal drivers to shame and we were always told Montreal had the worst drivers in Canada.
  5. pajobra

    Immunization Record

    I had my medical in Montreal and did not have proof of chicken pox either or the vaccine. They just asked me if I had it and when and took it at face value. Not sure though if that has changed since October 2018 lol
  6. Woohoo that is fantastic news. So happy to hear this.
  7. All we provided was hotel receipts and a receipt from getting into Mount Rushmore, and my airline tickets from my second visit down and my now husband's airline tickets from coming up to see me and maybe 3 photos one of which was a picture of him with my Mum and siblings and me. I am not sure the photos are regarded very highly but we submitted them anyway. I will say that at our AOS interview the officer we had LOVED the fact I had brought a collage of pictures and asked if he could keep them and was delighted when I said of course that is your copy as I made a copy of it for my desk at work.
  8. Sure hope you hear soon. HUGS I am so excited. I have a trip planned back to visit my family in Manitoba, Canada the second weekend in July. I am super excited. I haven't been home for almost 2 years and I really miss my Mum and siblings and nieces. My husband has to stay back as he can't get off work but he said someone needs to stay back and take care of my kitty. lol
  9. Just so you know I had my interview on November 7th and I was terrified. I did not get the notice of approval until December 7th or so. My interview was only 15 minutes. They said look for mail in about 30 days. So I have a feeling yours is like ours.
  10. Thanks for the continuation thread. As for the medical aspect. I was very worried about that but when we had our interview I saw he had all our K-1 papers including my medical there and all he asked me for was supporting evidence of our relationship. Didn't even ask me for my vaccinations form or to get the flu shot which I thought they might due to the fact it was flu season. Course I had my interview 10 months after submitting the AOS. BTW the relief after you get the green card is amazing. I submitted a new I-9 form at work with my green card info and the site manager of my location congratulated me for getting it and said good cause we were not letting you go. lol Now I am looking to go back to school for computer engineering or cyber security. My job will pay for me to do it since it can benefit my job down the line as I would like to move into the IT department. I hope everyone had a fabulous new year's. We went to a friends house and about 6 of us celebrated together with a finger food potluck and sparkling apple cider to ring in the new year while we played board and card games. Was so very nice. On the first my husband and I went to my good friend and coworkers house for a new years lunch of collard greens, black eyed peas and roast beef. OMG it was so good. My friend had gotten heck from her Mom and Grandma for not invited me and my husband to Christmas dinner. Her Mom wants to adopt me. ha I feel so much more at home now that work is going well and I am making my own friends. As an adult I am sure you know how tough it is to make friends. Tomorrow we are heading into Denver to visit another long time friend of mine from online and now a rl friend. Taking her a case of her favourite root beer and then out to lunch. She is giving me a dozen red and green tamales from a lady she knows. OMG best tamales I have ever had.
  11. My card came today. Omg it feels good.
  12. Guess I just needed more patience. Thanks for letting me vent the other day. Today I got notice from uscis that my new card was being produced. Oh how the weight has gone from my shoulders.
  13. Nope they asked for nothing. All the guy told us after our 15 minute interview was how glad he was that I had all this evidence and that everything looked in order and to look for mail in the next 30 days. I guess I just worry so much. I can't imagine not being with my husband.
  14. Well its been a month since our interview and nothing. No approval on the website or denial. The officer said everything looked good and to look for mail in 30 days. I am assume that is 30 business days so I guess I have a couple more weeks before I should be concerned. I guess I better send in my renewal for my EAD as its up in May next year. I am really really worried and wonder if I am not getting the green card. I would be devastated. I have a super great job that I love and I just got a raise to boot after 4 months. Sigh. I am playing off as nothing is wrong to my husband but I am super scared that maybe I am not getting the green card. People who interviewed just before us and after us have all got their green cards so this is why I worry. I am beginning to think I should have stayed in Canada.
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