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    Chris and I met online in Second Life in 2012. We were just good friends as I was with someone and then last fall he was telling me his dating woes in RL and how he was never dating or getting married again ever. I replied yeah me either and then we starting talking more and more and then we met up in RL and the rest is history. He asked me to marry him when I was down to his place in Colorado Springs for our second visit.

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  1. OMG on a whim I checked my status last night and saw this. I cried. I guess the RFE stuff I sent worked out fine. It was all stuff I had originally sent but that they apparently "lost". Next step apply for citizenship in September. Woot!
  2. Sigh I am a LIN Filer and I got an RFE last week. The stuff they requested is stuff I know I sent. How the bleep do they lose it. Sigh whatever. I gathered extra stuff and hopefully I should send things back out to them next week. Oh well least I know they touched my case. My bestie was like what you and your husband are so in love it makes you sick. HAHAHAHA my friend the other day said she was jealous of all the dates my husband and I go on just because. Two weeks ago we just up and drive to Utah for a two day vacation. hahaha We have a week long vacay in Arizona to visit his brother and fam in July. We rented a house with a pool. Soooo excited for that. Like my husband said at least we are together waiting for things not like the K-1 wait. Truth.
  3. I have seen LIN updates of March thru May 2020 ones getting approved. So pretty sure we are waiting a bit longer. lol
  4. Funny thing is Larissa lives in the same city as I do. I actually ran into her before Christmas shopping. I only saw her from afar. Pretty sure now that her and her new boy toy have split up she will move back to Las Vegas though. I mean Colorado Springs is probably too small for her. LOL
  5. Oh that bites Sorry to hear that happened. I work in insurance and I often have to send out the sorry your form is outdated replies. I hate it.
  6. My case was updated today online at USCIS to this: Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken As of December 9, 2020, fingerprints relating to your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number LINxxxxxxxxxx, have been applied to your case. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Wonder if that means they used the fingerprints from my AOS.....
  7. Got my extension letter in the mail today. Such a relief. Updated the spreadsheet. Now for the long long long wait. lol
  8. I got a text Thursday night but did not see it til yesterday that my case was received. I will update the spreadsheet after this post. I sent my package Oct 22nd and they received it Oct 26th and the cheque was cashed Nov 13th. I haven't received anything in the mail but soon I am sure. OMG I was sooo excited when I saw that text at 5:30am when I got up for work yesterday. lol My poor husband who did not have to work til 10am but he was excited too once he woke up just enough to understand. hahaha Oh yes I have LIN.
  9. Yay love to hear all the happy news. I am afraid mine will be waylaid. We moved a few months ago and I tried to update my address online but i couldn't get into my account. i tried calling them to get it fixed and nada. Each time saying someone will call you and gave me the number so I would answer the phone. So last time the lady said why don't you just file and hope for the best so I did. Oh well on better news I got a new position at work and start training on Monday woohoo.
  10. Hi all been a long time since I was on VJ. I guess I am an October filer cause I sent it October 22nd and they it was at the Dropbox on October 26th. Haven't heard anything yet of course. Hope you all are well.
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