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  1. Thank you very much! I hope we hear something from them very soon
  2. Hello everyone. So we sent our petition for adjustment of status and work authorization back in September 2021, got biometrics appointment in October 2021, now it's June 2022 and we still didn't even get work permit,after 9 months Is this normal? We are in NYC so maybe it's because a lot of people are applying? It's just crazy that it takes so long
  3. Yes,I did, but now they tell me that I have to get more ,which is weird. I had to take mmr again,because they told me that I don’t have antibodies for that and they say that flu vaccine is needed too. So I want to know if they are just trying to come up with something to make more money,or I really need to get flu shot now.
  4. Hello guys. Does anybody know if you have to take flu vaccine now for adjustment of status? We visited a civil surgeon who told us that we have to do this since now it’s a flu season. But we read on the uscis site that flu season starts on 1st of October til March31. What should we do? And what happens if we refuse to take this vaccine? Thanks for your replies in advance.
  5. Did you try to call them? Our case was at the NVC for almost a month,but then it got to the embassy for only one day. So I’m sure you will hear something from them soon too
  6. Hello everybody! We recently got approved for our -129-F petition for K1- Visa. We got our NOA2 on May 12th. We think that our interview will be on July, however I want visit my fiancee and be with her up until the interview. We have not received instructions from NVC or our embassy yet but we are already preparing the affidavit of support and I heard that if the supporting documents for affidavit of support is dated more than 2 months old then it is considered invalid? (Ex: The supporting documents are dated may but our interview is in July.) I have Bank account balance summary that is dated in May however if i show that I flew to Ukraine, abroad, maybe that might help? We are doing our interview in Kyiv, Ukraine so anybody who has been in interview for k-1 visa, in terms of affidavit of support, please share your experience.
  7. Hello Everyone. We recently were approved in May 12th,2021 from USCIS and received Notice Of Action 2. We simply want to know that once we get case # from NVC within three weeks. Even if the Embassy has not reached our case yet and is still in NVC, we wonder if we can still pay the visa interview fee in advance before our case reaches the U.S embassy. We want to travel for vacation for 2-3 weeks but we would like to be able to schedule our interviews and medical examination at ease and get our interview shortly after coming back home from vacation. We are k-1 filers in Ukraine, anybody from Ukraine that has went through this process share your thoughts or knowledge. We would be happy to hear. Everyone who is still waiting for their NOA2 from USCIS, your turn will come I promise you! If you get frustrated waiting for everything to happen, its a sign that soon it will happen! Have Faith!
  8. 265 days of waiting and we finally got approved just now 🥳🥳🥳 NOA1 08/19/2020 NOA2 05/13/2021 😊
  9. Hello everyone. My fiance is coming to see me in Ukraine in a few weeks and staying with me until we get interview, but we didn't get NOA2 yet. Do I need to have an actual NOA2 letter with me at the interview? Does it have to be original or can be a copy scanned by a family and sent to us? We just don't want to cancel our plans and meet later because of that and wait for that letter. Thank you for your replies in advance
  10. Hello Everyone! Somebody please explain to me what is going on with USCIS processing and approving K-1 cases that have been sent in September and November but earlier ones like August they have been ignoring. Our date that they confirmed and received was August 22, 2020. Why is it that more recent applications get approved quicker than ours. Second question: We already sent inquiry for case outside normal processing time and they answered that there should be a response with 45 days. Is it true that if you constantly contact USCIS by yourself or approach your senator/congressmen, then USCIS delays the process even more or cast it aside. What would be the appropriate course of action to take if we did not hear anything past the 45 day timeline? Feel free to share any of your knowledge or past experience!
  11. Yes,if we don't hear anything from them in the next couple weeks that's what we will have to do
  12. Yes, we made a request at the end of March and in like 2 weeks got response from them " Your case is currently being adjudicated.You should receive a notice of action within 45 days"
  13. That's true, soon it will be 8 months that we are waiting for our NOA2 and it's so frustrating
  14. Hello guys.I wonder if it's a lot of August filers or maybe July filers who still didn't get their NOA2? Our receipt date is August 21 and since then we didn't hear anything from them. We have submitted a request for an "outside normal processing times" on their site more than a week ago and still didn't get an answer. It's just frustrating that it's taking so long
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