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  1. For the benefit of future people finding this thread in a search, I can confirm that this was not a problem whatsoever, at least for me. The consulate interviewers asked if my fiancé had been divorced before, I said yes, and they asked for the divorce decree. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even look at the aforementioned checklist, and/or if the checklist may even be merely for the applicant's own convenience.
  2. For the benefit of people with the same question finding this thread from a search: I had my interview today and I now know that the consulate wants the page pictured below. (I hate to reply to my own thread again, but it's not my fault the forum disables edits.)
  3. Anyone? My interview is next week...
  4. I (immigrant) will be moving to the US on a K1, getting married within 1-2 weeks of arriving, and then moving with my partner to a different address. At that new address, I'll file for AOS. My question is, is there anyone I should notify (e.g., USCIS) about this move? Again, it will be before filing for AOS, so my understanding is the I-865 change of address form does not apply. Thanks!
  5. My understanding is that I need to bring the MRV fee payment receipt to the consulate interview. I believe this is the several hundred dollars that is paid for the visa. Where can I find this? I have my interview confirmation letter, but I'm not sure that's the same thing. Do they just want a screenshot of my credit card account showing I made such a payment?
  6. I already submitted my online DS-160 application for my K1, and part of my submission was a scanned copy of the filled checklist (see picture below). The problem is, I neglected to checkmark the "Death and/or divorce certificate(s) for petitioner and for beneficiary, if applicable." My sponsor has a divorce decree, which we also submitted during the I-129f stage. Is it enough to bring the divorce decree to the interview, or should I also do something else (e.g., contact the embassy to explain this mistake?) Thanks!
  7. Makes sense. Speaking of which, what should I consider when deciding whether to get married at the old address (the one we'll be staying at very briefly) or the new address where we'll move to as soon as we can? Obviously, getting married at the old address gets the AOS process started sooner by getting a marriage certificate sooner. But is there perhaps a compelling reason to wait until moving to a new place before getting married?
  8. Me and my fiance intend to move to a different state immediately upon my (beneficiary) arrival in the US with my K1 visa. Should I apply for AOS at the new address, or at the old address (where we'll be staying for only days or perhaps weeks)? I searched the forums extensively and for some reason people typically only ask about what to do when moving during an AOS file in progress, not before filing AOS. Also, which field office will my interview be at if I move and then file AOS at the new address? I found one person on these forums who claimed that you must live in a new place for at least 3 months before you get that field office's location. Would that mean I'd have to drive all the way back to the address I lived at for only days? That could be a thousand miles away. I have not seen any evidence of -- or even anyone else claiming -- that you must live at an address for 3 months before your field office is assigned based on that. Anyone know if that's true? Thanks!
  9. I just started the process of getting my long-form birth certificate and a police background check certificate. But is it fine to send my packet 3 checklist (along with DS-160 receipt and passport scan) while I wait for those two documents? I'm not sure if I'm required to actually have the documents before sending the checklist and eventually scheduling an interview. I figure since it'll probably be at least a month before the interview, that's plenty of time. Worst case scenario, if I don't have the documents in time, I assume I can reschedule the interview, right? Thanks!
  10. Probably a dumb question, but: My American fiancé got this letter in the mail from the US embassy in Canada addressed to me (Canadian) explaining how to proceed with my K1 application. I didn't get anything in the mail. Do I proceed? Why wouldn't they send it to me? This is strange...
  11. Aelius

    CR1/IR1 Montreal FAQ

    How much of this FAQ is also applicable to K1?
  12. I cannot update my timeline to include my NVC receive date from today. I keep getting this error: When I click "Return to fix errors", it highlights the following boxes, but there's obviously nothing wrong with the dates that were put:
  13. 452 No? It came in the mail. It was approved Dec 2, according to the document.
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