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  1. But is that after the check has been cashed? That's what's concerning to me: they opened my package and processed the check on September 8th. I would be far less concerned if they hadn't yet cashed my check. Also, again, I'm noticing that most of the people on the timeline who sent their i-129F after me have received their NOA1 already. I assume many of the others simply haven't updated their timeline.
  2. The Dallas location received my I-129f on September 2nd, according to USPS tracking, as well as cashed my check. However, I still have not received my NOA1. Is this concerning? On the timeline, I notice that people are getting their NOA1's within a week or so. To be clear, they will mail something to me and/or email me, right? I'm worried I did something incorrectly.
  3. As per my title, I'm wondering if the petitioner's employment history (screenshot below) needs to be precise down to the day, or if the month and year are sufficient. I'm not sure how anyone reliably knows the exact day they started and ended work at each job they've had in the last five years. I'm not even sure how I'd find that out.
  4. When researching the K1 process, I see a lot of people mentioning that different embassies tend to be tougher than others. In the tougher embassies, more and better evidence tends to be required for both the I-129F (proof of having met within the last two years) and the visa interview (proof of bona fide relationship). How does the Montreal embassy slot into the spectrum of strictness? I would guess that it would be pretty lenient, just because I don't imagine there's much immigration fraud coming from Canada. But it would make me a lot more comfortable to hear from people who know first-hand what to expect. My concern stems from the fact that, despite being with my girlfriend for 4 years and her driving across the border from Buffalo to visit me in Canada on weekly basis, we actually don't have much in the way of evidence for either the I-129F or the visa stage. Passports don't get stamped at the CAN/US border; we never go on vacation (so no hotels, entertainment tickets, etc.); I've always hated having pictures taken; we don't use Facebook; we never split bills when we pay for stuff; chat logs don't seem like good evidence of anything because there's no proof it's her on the other side of the screen; and so on. There are certainly things I can seek out to create such concrete evidence, especially for the I-129F proof of meeting within 2 years. But how much evidence I need to create depends a lot on how strict I should expect the embassy to be. So, for anyone who's gone through the K1 process in Canada (or somehow knows a lot about it), what sort of evidentiary standards should I be expecting to meet, roughly? Thanks!
  5. Anyone have any new information about this? It would help me and my girlfriend in our decision about whether to go the K1 route or CR-1 route. (I know the pros and cons of both, but in particular I'm wondering about how processing times have changed since this thread was posted.)
  6. I appreciate all the advice and encouragement! One correction though: remember that she's the American here. She doesn't have i-94 records. And she's the one who crosses the border to visit me regularly (although I have visited her once in the last two years, so I'll definitely be sure to include that.)
  7. Since October of last year, they allow people in committed romantic relationships to visit if they get a notarized statement and fill out some paperwork, in addition to a mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement.
  8. As far as I can tell, I-94 records are only for foreigners. There is no dropdown entry for the United States under Passport Country of Issuance.
  9. Hey, thanks for your responses. I was hoping you could clarify something for me, though. Don't I-94 entry records only establish that you entered the country? How do they know you physically met the other person? In other words, just because I crossed the border doesn't mean I went to go see my partner. Or am I misunderstanding something?
  10. Hi, thanks for your response. Of course, but as always the problem is proving it. Like I said in my post, passports aren't stamped between Canada and the US. But how do they know that's not a picture older than 2 years ago that you simply wrote a more recent date on?
  11. Hi! My American girlfriend and I (Canadian) are considering US immigration via the K1 fiance visa route. My understanding is the I-129F form requires evidence that we have physically been together within the last 2 years. The problem is, despite meeting each other dozens of times over the last two years, I'm not sure we have any evidence of it. For years, our routine has been that she drives across the border from Buffalo to visit me on her days off from work. We just never really do anything special when she's here in Canada; we just hang out at my home. And besides, we've barely even seen each other in person since March 2020 for obvious reasons. Most of the usual suggestions for proof that I see on these forums are not something I have: There are no visa stamps, since Canadians and Americans do not require them to cross the border. I did fly to Buffalo to visit her last year, but I did not keep the boarding pass. We have never paid for anything simultaneously (one of us covers the whole bill whenever we buy something, for simplicity.) We have pictures together, but nothing that proves any dates (how often do you take pictures standing next to today's newspaper?) We have 84,000 messages exchanged on Discord (instant messaging platform), but that doesn't prove we've been together physically, or even that her Discord account is actually her. Now that the border is open again, we're fine with purposely seeking out some sort of activity that could constitute proof of physically meeting. But doing so feels sort of fake and staged and I don't want to give that impression to US officials looking at my application. At the same time, I do need proof somehow. What can I do? Thanks for the help!
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