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  1. Hey all , After all frustration with USPS delays since January 11th, finally we received the NOA1 text message and email from USCIS last night at 11:25, I opened my eyes with seeing the text this morning which is a great relief of pain. Now, the real game of Waiting started. Good luck everyone.
  2. Our package also has been delayed by USPS for 11 days , but it delivered finally yesterday. be patient it will be delivered soon, there is a problem with one of the post office in Chicago.
  3. Wrong information ! “As soon as you Step into the country you can file your I-485” when an applicant arrives in the US with a K1 Visa , they have to get marry with in 90 days. after they got married they can apply for AOS. Not as soon as they step into the US.
  4. On behalf of your wife’s K-1 visa as long as she married you within 90 days don’t be worried because the requirement for the K-1 visa is to marry within 90 days with the US petitioner, once she entered to the US that day her K-1 visa has been expired even though she have six months. There are people that they cannot apply for AOS immediately due to monetary problem but they fulfilled the K-1 requirements so they are not going to be deported
  5. Hi , we sent our AOS by USPS in Jan 11 but still showing in transit delivery delayed. As we went to USPS post office to ask about the problem thry said the problem is in ELk Grove USPS post office in Chicago and idk whats the problem still waiting for mt package to be delivered to USCIS. Hope we both get there soon just be patient.
  6. Hello guys, after a while coming back to the AOS step. I am applying from New Jersey , how about you guys ? sent off our paper works today January 11. Probably it will be delivered in two days. wish you all to hear good news soon.
  7. Congratulations! It means your visa is approved and it will get issued soon. it was same with my visa . I had my interview in Jul 18 , then it was in administrative processing for over two months . then in Oct 1st my status in CEAC changed to Application received, and in Oct 4 it went back to Administrative processing. and in Oct 11 it changed to Issued . your status will change to issued soon , don't worry .
  8. I wonder what you did write that it come out 120 pages ? Lol 2 paragraph is fine but if you have more words for saying it shouldnt be more than two pages .
  9. You just send the I-129F with its supporting documents. No need for the affidavit of support at this point. you need to send the affidavit of support when your I-129F approved and they send it to the country where your fiance lives. then your fiancé will have an interview in the US embassy which is in his country and that's when he needs to take the affidavit of support. plus he doesnt have to proof his financial status. The affidavit of support has to be signed and dated by the US citizen , you should proof to the embassy that you can support your foreign fiancé at the US. hope its clear now
  10. You dont worry about it, its a normal thing . The AP may take several days , weeks or months but it will be issued soon. They are doing some background check first and after the final review they will issue the visa for you. for me it has been more than two months that i am in AP (Administrative processing).
  11. Are you guys both Indians ? AUE and Indian embassy are both taugh embassies. but as long as you proof your relationship is genuine I don't see a problem. plus I had the same situation as yours because of our families . but they never asked about if our family approved our relationship or anything. i had my interview now waiting for the issuance of my visa .
  12. I guess no one is in AOS step yet. try to ask this question from another forum where there is people who went through AOS.
  13. My interview was good , the officers were so kind and friendly. they asked me around 16 questions and then they gave me two white cards about immigration law in The US. They gave me one yellow card 221g because of my medical. i will have my medical this Coming Tuesday so they said once we recieve your medical result we will work on your case.
  14. Hey friends, I am going to have my interview the day after tomorrow. I prepared all the required documents. could you guys plz give me some tips about the Interview in Us embassy ?