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  1. Thanks for your wonderful sympathy and support. I do like blunt factual statements also. I hate statements of half truths. Had I known about this months back that it be years or months placed on AP. I had chosen to move to his country to be with him. That is what I am angry about the fact nobody is given accurate up to date information. We have wasted months waiting and money also. I rather go to Afghanistan face bombs and terrorism to be with my fiance then spend unknown number of days wondering how long on AP. The truth being I not have filled out that K1 visa application had that statement on that Kabul US Embassy been blunt and accurate information. I had found other alternatives to be with him.
  2. This is why US is going down the tubes, because people now a days find time for social media insulting versus trying to find solutions for changing things. I am 50 years old maybe some means all these days. Please inform me if the English language has changed on the definition of some versus all. Maybe my reading comprehension has slipped to the level of social media society of today.
  3. Furthermore I am not insulting or degrading you, learn to be more polite and eloquent in your responses to people. Bringing up bible crusades and that I am not capable of reading comprehension is teenage/middle school ways to talk to people. Furthermore I had no idea it was happening to everyone at the Kabul Embassy had it not been for this site. Since I did read their little announcement saying some when in fact its far off the mark in describing it.
  4. At the end of your immigrant visa interview, the consular officer will inform you whether your visa application is approved or denied. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant’s interview by a consular officer. Applicants are advised of this requirement when they apply. When administrative processing is required, the timing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case. You can check the status of your visa application on ceac.state.gov. This is what you talking about. Yes correct but says some not all but some. They also forgot to say this little bit. All recipients are being placed on AP and it can take a few days to years depending on each case. Currently there are recipients waiting past a year. Now that be more accurate and less illusive on what is happening currently. All recipients are being placed on it not some.
  5. The system is broken because it lacks obvious communication break down. If you most come to this site to find out that All visa recipients are being put in AP after the interview process at the Kabul Embassy. Then there is a obvious lack of communication at some level in their infrastructure/communication system. I am not the only one who finds this disturbing. They have put everyone on this AP process at the Kabul Embassy for some nearing two years now. Yet no where on there site or letter sent before spending money on filing out a K1 application or before paying your NVC fees, or when the packet is sent to the recipient abroad was a informative notice sent by either letter or on the website. There was plenty of opportunities for USCIS and the US Kabul Embassy to inform people on AP ahead of time. This is where the system is wrong. If you go get your new car serviced at the dealership and lets say their car hoists are broken. They are obligated to say sorry we are having issues with our hoists lifts. You can wait 2 years or go else wheres. It takes minimal effort to send a letter to people or post a short paragraph warning on their website. I AM NOT ASKING FOR THEM TO BUILD A SPACESHIP! If the system is working so why are you here in the first place? Can I ask the reason you need to be here if the system is working flawlessly. My good guess is this you came here because you could not find answers on their highly effective communication customer service platform by either their website or by mail.
  6. I think it takes more then one of us to change things there has to be a committee of us joined together to rally and in a civil way present ideas. To take the time to read the laws and that USCIS "bible" to see what we can do to change things. Social media is a great platform for many to voice ideas and to bounce around what we know and have learned . I like to see a change happen because the system they have in place is broken.
  7. Your right Pitaya we as citizens collectively have to join forces and start reading up on laws and procedures. I like how this thread is going now. I think to make this work it takes more then one US citizen to change things. It takes all of us US citizens to start rallying, voicing our opinions, and en-powering ourselves with knowledge on our rights to change things. If people been watching whats happening in Algeria we can see that process happening right now. Thanks Pitaya for your informative information.
  8. Complaining as you call it is a constitutional right to do as an American Citizen. I like to call it my right to voice my thoughts on unfair practices and treatment. At this moment as your reading my post a prisoner is being handed his sentence in a court system. The prisoner has the right to know the charges and length of his prison term. He/she even has rights while sitting in his prison cell for proper medical treatment and so on. I find it really odd that you find it wrong or complaining to be informed of the issue of unreasonably long AP incidences happening at the Kabul Embassy. People have the right to be informed or warned of these issues ahead of time to give them the right to choices and to plan alternatives. USCIS and US Embassies are not above the law to inform US Citizens of certain important need to know information.
  9. I am not asking for special treatment I am speaking for all the couples rights to be informed. At this point a US prisoner is being informed of his prison sentence. Then why do we as law abiding citizens not have the right to be properly informed. No I will continue to complain as well as everyone should do until something is done to improve how people are informed by the US Embassies and USCIS.
  10. No it does not happen that everyone is stuck in AP for months to years at every Embassy. Please do read the post about 13 people in a row being placed into AP. Some of them waited just weeks (just 2 of them). The rest been waiting for months to almost 2 years. One couple who is at 18 months now is still waiting. If this is happening where 80 percent are stuck waiting over a year then people should be informed about it. In my opinion they should be informed before paying all the NVC fees, medical fees and when the recipient is sent the packet. It is not complaining its called human decency to inform two people in love they might want to consider other options. Spending lots of money on fees where 80 percent are not sure they going to get a visa some day is not morally acceptable. It is darn right cruel and unacceptable to not be informed.
  11. There seems to be complicated issues in all the visa procedure from start to end with lack of proper explanation. How people think the US Embassy in Kabul is a separate establishment not governed by US regulations and procedures amazes me. They are being payed by US citizens not Afghanistan citizens.
  12. Nicely said about beurocratic mess! People pay great amounts of money to do this and when some issue has been prevelant trend at a consulate like this issue. There should at least be a short paragraph warning stating its a issue. I don't like flying blind with no warning at all. Really makes a person feel like a mushroom placed in the dark and fed manor. 13 couples in a row for a year and a half placed in AP at the Kabul Embassy is definitely a issue. I looked for the topic on this AP issue on the USCIS website and nothing can be found. Really not acceptable!!! Thanks for this website it's the only placed explained and mentioned.
  13. No maybe it will not but USCIS should warn people that this can happen on their website and list the countries being effected by AP procedures and which Embassies taking the longest. They do give quotes for how long it can take to process your visa application. Why can they not give a little paragraph on this matter. I think it's their duty to some what inform people.
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