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  1. It's the worst right behind Brooklyn. I am just hoping for some miracle that they start moving faster like Queens
  2. Do you think your EAD/AP took only 3 months (which is a breeze compared to others) because you were adjusting from TN? Or is it irrelevant?
  3. Wait times at my office are 20 to 29 months. 😂😂😂 It sounds like a joke, I swear!
  4. I know people that work at the embassy and the first thing they mention is "Has the applicant traveled before? Where?" If someone had a Schengen visa in the past and has traveled to Europe, they get the visa with no problem.
  5. I am actually a USC, so, No. Not that hard if you meet the criteria they need.
  6. We're in NY. I am guessing we won't get interviews until April/May of 2020.
  7. I agree with @philipk1. You have to call and ask to speak to a level 2 officer to tell you what's going on. Another poster went through the same thing you went through to find out that the post office didn't deliver his notice and he missed his biometrics. For the bank account, you can go to bank of america with your passport and they'll open the account for you.
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