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  1. Praying you get it this week, and if not, it'll definitely be mid-November. Yes I did carry colour photocopies. But all they asked for was my original civil documents and police clearances, looked at them, and returned them at the end of the interview.
  2. Good morning, afternoon, evening all! Had my interview at Dhaka consulate this morning. Appointment was scheduled for 8AM. The entire process lasted about two hours including wait times. The actual interview itself lasted for about 45 seconds. I sort of get the impression that the decision had been made and they only wanted to hear some of the info coming straight from the source aka the beneficiary. A very casual, almost boring conversation. The CO only looked at my original civil docs and the wedding photos. How are you? So you've been to the US before? Answered. What's your wife's full name? Answered. Is this your first marriage? Is this her first marriage? Answered. Where does she live? And what does she do? Answered. I see that you were born in (.......). When did you leave the country? Answered. Did your parents work there? When did they move back to Bangladesh? Answered. Can I see some wedding photos? Presented an album. Looked through all of the pictures. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Answered. CO: Oh, thought I'd recognised the place! Smart choice, sir! Again, CO asks: Where does she live? Answered. A few more seconds of typing later, ''CONGRATS, YOUR VISA IS APPROVED''. Thank you, have a nice day! Got home to check the CEAC status change to issued by 12 noon, with ustraveldocs stating ''Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery''. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and guidance. I wish you all a smooth journey through it all. I'm not leaving this site. Feel free to ask questions. PD: Jan 30, 2019, CR1 CC: June 12th 2019 IL: September 16th 2019 Interview: October 15th, Dhaka
  3. Hello lovely people. For those of us appearing for interviews at Dhaka embassy, we are required to make colour photocopies of all civil documents. How did you go about making colour copies of the nikah nama? Do you just scan it and print it on standard a4? Or do you know of any stores that makes full colour copies of legal documents? Thank you!
  4. Fair point. Did the beneficiary on your case have decent travel history? I have a trip coming up and if they were to place me in AP I'd ask for my passport back anyway. Or, I fly out immediately. And re joint sponsor, were your most recent tax transcripts provided at interview reflective of your income?
  5. Haven't had the interview yet. I have a trip coming up so planning everything accordingly. Thank you both for your responses!
  6. Hello beautiful people! As the title says, how long did you have to wait post interview till you had your passport in hand? This is for interviews taking place at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Thank you.
  7. Alhamdulillah! Boom! Got the long awaited interview letter today! CC- June 12th IL- September 16th Interview- October 15th, Dhaka. We'll keep you posted. Wishing everyone a swift end to this crippling wait!
  8. Yes, but on the bigger picture, this is hopefully the one and only time you ever have to be engaged in long-distance. Once it's over, it really is over and it's time for new beginnings!
  9. Do they hibernate from spring to fall like certain creatures out in the wild?
  10. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Things just aren't adding up. Is my consulate wrong? If they are expecting the case to arrive FIRST, and the NVC are sat in their chairs waiting for interview dates, nothing is ever going to happen is it?
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