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  1. Actually I'm leaning towards nefarious connections on the Russian side, inept bungling dupes as the best case scenario on Team Trump, and alas still the possibility of actual collusion but the 'Only the Best' Trump surrounds himself with are already ginning up the 'idiot' defense which sadly might actually work given the tireless efforts to prove stupidity daily over the last year. P.S. Of course RT is going to put some effort into saving Vlad's puppet, why wouldn't they?
  2. Beyond hypocrisy bcking, and into the land of magical thinking that somehow there is even the merest shred of decency or decorum in Donald Trump. All evidence of such proved incorrect daily by the man himself.
  3. Do your own work, this subject has it's own thread, plus has been commented on in two others. Don't bother waiting, just rethink your worship of Donald Trump, the draft dodging Bigot in Cheif with a raging case of foot in mouth disease.
  4. Your lack of concern for Donald Trump being a racist insensative goon today trying to 'honor' three WW2 Navajo code talkers suggests you don't believe in the substance of this post. #MAGagA
  5. Get used to Donald Trump being the King of Horses? No. I expect it sadly, but it's still not okay to have such a goon soiling the Office of President. For an alledged supporter of veterans your reaction is appalling. For a Trump apologist, just pathetic.
  6. The Ignorant in Chief pulled out his "Pocahontas" "jab/joke" while honoring three Navajo WWII Code Talkers. Still impressed by the antics and tone deaf buffoonery of Donald Trump? I for one am not.
  7. I don't know anyone considering suicide over Trump, but a break from his completely over the top buffoonery would be nice.
  8. I didn't get to buy a medical deferment to avoid going to Vietnam. My diapers were enough to keep me out. Thanks for admitting Trump went golfing though, honestly his cheer squad has a good deal of trouble with facts and your admission was refreshing.
  9. He did what I said he did and I didn't say he didn't spend time with the troops. How is that delusional? He spent time making mangled sentences and talking up how great the troops have it what with all the bigly fantastic things Donald Trump has done. Awesome!
  10. He spent a little time on one of his many exclusive golf courses and had a grand time having a traditional thanksgiving dinner at the winter White House. He was hardly out with the troops digging foxholes and burning latrine barrels (though they do resemble the quality of his words and Tweets.)
  11. Still jibberish. Guess money doesn't buy coherent sentences anymore.
  12. Then hopefully they catch the purpetrator(s) and justice is served. Still doesn't excuse the idiocy of building a massive wall. Whatever it turns out to be it is definitely sad for our CBP officers killed and injured, but I'm suspicious of Dear Leader speaking before all the facts are in, and I'm also not down with blaming anyone but the actual assailants if that is what actually happened.
  13. Yeah it is all just a big conspiracy to steal your money, your guns, your freedom, and poison your precious bodily fluids.