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  1. Well, I feel different about the accuracy of the models, but I am not qualified to speak to them as a scientist. I do admit I had to look up paucity as I have not seen that word in an aeon.
  2. Obviously, There is no theory of climate that ignores the sun. If you have bona fides in Science I will step back and let you explain it to us. Do you have a climate model that explains Ocean Acidification?
  3. Radiation from the sun, the seas will evaporate into clouds and deflect radiation, mother Earth will take care of herself, man shouldn't be so arrogant to think he can affect the climate, correlation is not causation, a little warming is good for us.......what arguments did I miss?
  4. You make it sound like there was no basis for investigation, McCabe is stating otherwise. "In an interview that aired earlier this week on CBS News' "60 Minutes" Scott Pelley posed a similar question to McCabe: McCabe told Pelley that the question of whether there existed an "inappropriate relationship" between Mr. Trump and the government of Russia prompted the decision to launch obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations into the president"
  5. Lets take up number 1. You are not guilty in the eyes of government until found guilty. So yes, semantically, that is how the process works. Generally talking to investigators proceeds a guilty finding. If you are trying to say the failure to declare income for taxes, the use of money laundering, the violation of Federal campaign laws, the failure to register as a foreign agent, bank fraud, identity theft, wire fraud among others, did not occur until after the FBI started talking to folks: Not True. These crimes occurred before.
  6. If only she had called in Mueller... McCabe suggested things would have turned out better had Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, both appointed by Obama, recused themselves even earlier from the case. “It was a fatal choice. Had there been a competent, credible special counsel running Midyear Exam independently—the way Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation has been run – I think circumstances might have been very different, and we would not have been where we ended up in July,” McCabe said.
  7. You are getting sick of the narrative? The feeble attempt to gaslight folks who want an honest assessment of our vulnerabilities with the label TDS is tiresome. Americans have been polled on this, they just want a fair investigation. Smollett has nothing to do with this case, why bring it up? I think there is a TDS syndrome, it is occurring in those who think it is impossible that the Trump campaign was associated with, witting or unwittingly, the attempt of a foreign dictator to disrupt our election and public opinion process. We are told that this is a "deep state conspiracy" where the "global elites" are attempting to subvert the will of the people. The suggestion that Putin is attempting to disrupt Democracy in the west is dismissed as fantasy. What a crock. No one told Roger Stone to tamper with witnesses, no one instructed him to coordinate election activities with foreign powers and lie about it to congress and the FBI . Now we can add attempting to intimidate a federal judge to the list. Stone is entitled to a vigorous defense, but at the very least he is guilty of poor impulse control.
  8. Gotta love how lying to congress under oath is no biggie. Shouldn't we consider all crimes process crimes of a sort? "Your honor, my client was not breaking and entering, he was merely in the "process" of bringing the 65 inch OLED Flat Screen TV to a more appropriate and loving family what will appreciate it"
  9. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/andrew-mccabe-no-one-objected-when-congressional-leaders-were-told-about-trump-probe/ Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe said Tuesday that “no one objected” when he briefed congressional leaders about the counterintelligence probe he had recently opened into President Trump in May 2017. “That’s the important part here, Savannah,” McCabe told Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today show. “No one objected. Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds, and not based on the facts.” McCabe’s emphasis on the lack of pushback from the Gang of Eight — a bipartisan group of leaders in the house House and Senate — appeared designed to insulate him from the criticism, repeatedly leveled against him by the president and White House allies, that the investigation was politically motivated. COMMENTS Critics of the intelligence community’s treatment of the president were angered Sunday by McCabe’s claim during a 60 Minutes interview that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein considered wearing a wire to record Trump as part of a plot to recruit cabinet members to declare him unfit for office. McCabe, who is promoting his new book The Threat, explained to Guthrie that FBI officials opened the counterintelligence probe into Trump because they believed it “possible” that he was working on behalf of the Kremlin when he fired FBI director James Comey in May 2017. “It is saying that we had information that led us to believe that there might be a threat to national security — in this case that the president himself might, in fact, be a threat to the United States’ national security,” McCabe said. McCabe was fired in March 2018 after the Department of Justice inspector general found that he disclosed classified information to the media without authorization. McCabe maintains that he was authorized to disclose the information under DOJ guidelines, and has argued that he was fired because he opened an investigation into the president.
  10. When a federal prosecutor files charges, you move from speculation toward proof. The original article said nothing new was revealed, which in a sense is true. We just recieved confirmation of what people feared about Stone.
  11. It should read many have been arrested, but maha doesn't have the same ring. Folks were talking on Reddit about this forum, it fired me up to visit.
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