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  1. This is an idiotic and prejudicial statement. Do you assume everyone with the name Escobar is running narcotics?
  2. And yet opiates kill far more Americans than criminal aliens, and 70% of those pour inftom Canada. What is the wall that will protect Americans from Canada?
  3. so much winning https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/17/trump-loses-support-among-core-voters-as-the-shutdown-drags-on-polls.html Trump loses support among his core voting groups as the shutdown drags on, polls say President Trump is hemorrhaging support amid a political standoff over his proposed border wall that has resulted in the longest government shutdown on record, recent polls show. The president even appears to be losing favor with his core constituents. The poll results come as multiple Democratic lawmakers announce 2020 bids to challenge Trump.
  4. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/this-is-not-a-close-question-judge-blocks-gops-lame-duck-power-grab-in-wisconsin-restores-early-voting/ A federal court on Thursday blocked a major aspect of last year’s lame duck power grab by Republicans in Wisconsin. U.S. District Judge James D. Peterson restored early voting and other rights relevant to the franchise which were previously curtailed by GOP state legislators and then-outgoing now-former governor Scott Walker in December 2018. “This is not a close question,” Judge Peterson notes, “the…challenged provisions are clearly inconsistent with” previous orders handed down by the court. At issue are three provisions of Act 369. Those provisions: (1) limited the amount of time for early voting; (2) restricted the use of expired student identification cards for voting; and (3) placed a time limit on the use of temporary identification cards for voting. Three similar provisions were previously found to be unlawful and enjoined by an order of the same court in the summer of 2016.
  5. I would be more paranoid being the census taker .. https://goo.gl/images/YRLvoP
  6. Ok , I thought for a moment someone gave him the keys
  7. The foundation of the CIS was a proponent of eugenics who wanted to spread disinformation supporting his nativist cause.
  8. I wouldn't call CIS a conservative source. It was founded by a man who believes in eugenics. I don't equate conservatives with racism.
  9. ad ho·mi·nem /ˌad ˈhämənəm/ adjective 1. (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining. And the data I cited broke it out.
  10. No, in response to my statement about the contributions of "non Citizens" another poster said they didn't pay taxes. That is not true. You should count to ten before posting And the data I cited broke it out.
  11. There is no need to attack my world view. If you have real data, bring it.
  12. Surprised they did not give him Trump's portrait or that football autographed but Brady He parked a truck?
  13. Dude, it's like a Coen brothers movie, MMA glove...hah
  14. The numbers are the numbers, cite your own. This report cited in data from the anti immigrant group cis. Even then it isays nothing about the net effect on our economy for undocumented workers, and nothing about those with residence or Visas.