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  1. Yes!! I'm sure you are, we filed around the same time. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Is everyone filing for naturalization right away? How is filing based on marriage different from filing after 5 years of residence, in terms of interviewing, length, etc?
  2. it was a joint petition. thank you! I hope all cases start moving a bit faster :(
  3. lol my apologies. A few posts back I shared the news that my case was moved from Vermont to Missouri. USCIS received my petition on 2/18. Hope that helps!
  4. Just got a notification that my new card is being produced!
  5. Mine was just transferred to MO as well! Let's hope this means more updates soon.
  6. Hi y'all! Finally an update.... Got a notification this morning that my case was transferred from Vermont to another office for processing. Anyone else got this, and why does it usually happen? Where my fellow EAC peeps at? It's really been too long 😭
  7. Congrats to everyone who got approved! That's awesome (and fast!!) Any info on how fast Vermont is?
  8. Should we be expecting anything official in the mail from USCIS? Kinda relieved about not having to go, although I guess this will prolong all of our cases.
  9. Whaaaat!! what are the chances!! We need to keep in touch! So should we assume all of our biometrics will be rescheduled? I haven't received any official notice yet.
  10. We're on an identical timeline! Just received a notice in the mail with these same dates. I didn't expect it to be so soon with all that's happening right now
  11. 2/18: package delivered in TX 2/21: received 18-month extension notice in the mail Our case was assigned to Vermont! I checked the processing times on USCIS and it seems like VT is the shortest so that's good.
  12. This is reassuring since I'm in the same boat as Isabella. Our check was cashed on 2/24 but still no email/text
  13. 2/18: package delivered in TX 2/28: check cashed No other updates for now but this is a good sign!
  14. We did send it to TX! That's a relief, although I wish it could be equally quick for everyone 😕 let the waiting games begin I guess!
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