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  1. I guess this is what they do now, they have also changed the color scheme of the card and it expires on the second anniversary of the exact day you arrive the USA if you are on a CR1 visa or the 10th anniversary of the day that you arrive the USA if you are in the IR1 visa.
  2. Just to update those who are interested to know how long it takes to get the actual permanent resident card Aka "greencard". After getting approved at the Lagos Consulate April 1,2019. I paid the sum $220 on April 5, 2019, recieved the actual card today June 20, 2019. It took me approximately 75days.
  3. Hello, Yes I paid the fee since April 5, 2019 when I track it, I get the message saying I will recieve it within 120days, I have however been told it doesn't take that long. Thanks a lot for the help. 🙂
  4. Hello All, Please does anyone have a number to call regarding the PR card(greencard)? I havnt received mine and have paid the fee since April 5,2019 I have been In the USA since April 27,2019. How long Does it typically take to receive the card? Can I call Uscis about this? If so what department do I reach out to? Thank you.
  5. I already got my SSN, I walked into a local social security office and got it processed, it was sent to my house in 4days.
  6. I don't think u need a really big album I only went with like 30 photos and I put them in a document that had all my other documents, when the CO asked I took them out and gave to her without an album.
  7. I'm still settling havnt done much, but so far so good. Still waiting on my Card, not sure how long it takes to get delivered upon US entry.
  8. Hi everyone, Goodluck this week! I have just seen some tags from may, I can't respond because the topic is closed.
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