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  1. I do not rememebr. We left our cellphones in the car just in case. For the fingerprints for example they asked that they be turned off. So i left mine in my car, no point of bringing it in if they will be off.
  2. Just wait. The process used to be much shorter, however with the new administration came longer waiting times.
  3. I would suggest signing up to the my.uscis portal for notifications. Online and via email. This way you get notified should you be traveling and need to make any changes. You will refeive the interview letter a month prior to your interview. Know that they will give ypu a time, but they dont really follow or are strict with the time. Mine was scheduled at 9 am. We got there arpund 8.15 and they had started letting people in. There is a metal detector and dont let you bring in any liquids. Not even milk for babies ( I had my 1 year old with me). They send a list of items to bring as well, basically what you submitted for the application and any new evidence to show your marriage is true. We gave new bills and taxes files jointly. Didnt give anymore than what they asked for. Same for questions, straight answers.
  4. I filed back in early Nov. 2017 in Mount Laurel and received my interview back in July. I hear Newark has a longer list compared to Mt. Laurel.
  5. @Julia and Ryan they tend to schedule interviews about a month after the letter is issued. Just be sure to not miss the interview. The card can take about 1-2 weeks after the interview. I was notified of my interview on June 18th, received the letter on june 23rd scheduled for july 24th. I am still waiting on my card to be delivered.
  6. @Kacie and Ivan i guess the best way is to call and explain your situation to officer. And see if they can check for you and provide you a receipt #. Check what status the current status of your application is. And if they have scheduled any interview request the letter be sent again. Confirm they have your address correct. ?
  7. Hi Everyone! I had my interview this morning in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Appointment was scheduled for 9 am. Got there at 8:20 and office was already open. Went through Security. Had our almost 2 year old with us. He was prety calm and behaved for most of it. We waited for about 20-30 min. We were called in to the officer's office. Took oath stating we would say nothing but the truth. Sat down. Asked for our IDs. Asked when we married, how we met. Why we choose to get married in Vegas. Asked a few questions on that. If others went with us. If we had a ceremony afterwards (we did not). Asked if any crimes commited, terrorist, communist, trained in fire arms, these were on the application. She was just confirming the answers. Asked if we had any other documents we would like to offer for the file. Gave her recent invoices, tax returns, rent receipt. Asked us about where we work, chatted a little with my husband about his job and position and how he can open his own business. Asked who we leave our son with while we work. Officer later indicated at the end that the application would was approved, to save documents and keep track of future documents for removal of conditions. After 3 years elegible for citizenship. The officer was pleasant and respectful. She said card would get to us in approx 10 business days. Asked if we had any questions - we had none. Thanked her and she walked us to a different exit door. Good luck to everyone else out there waiting. I know ho hard it is to just wait. But, the time will come! Keep strong!
  8. @Lien08 in in NJ, my status was in ready for interview to be scheduled for 6 months before it was actually scheduled. I checked the time on USCIS for my local office and tried finding a person in the same area a few months before i filed and check on their status. Helped me have a better idea of time i was going to wait. I found someone in august in this platform just looking through profiles.
  9. @Nouchigang thanks!!!!
  10. Did anyone take their kids to their interview for AOS? I have my interviee next month at 9am. We live about an hr away. I dont want to be late to the interview. Was thinking of staying close to the office, this would mean brining our 1 year old along. Any experiences with bringing kids along to the interview?
  11. @FlashLG scheduled for 25th of next month. Got initial notification via txt/ email on the 18th. Letter came in on 23rd.
  12. Takes a few days for the letter to arrive. I received notification on Monday and received the letter today.
  13. @FloridaMinsk the new site is myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov You create an account. Every time you want to log in u enter your log in and password and website sends you a unique code to access your account. While in the account, you enter your receipt numbers once, every time u log in they are there. Status history can be seen there as well. It said this is the most updated site, but idk, cant really tell with the random updates on both...