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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to share my timeline. I filed for AOS in September 2020 and finished my interview 8 days ago in the Holtsville, LI FO. Still waiting for my decision though but my case is kind of complicated....so much anxiety. Check my timeline below!
  2. Hey! My PD date is Oct 2015. I was able to apply for my i-485 and i-765 (AOS and EAD) in Sept 2020. They reused my biometrics and notified me in Nov 2020. Now Im just waiting for my EAD and for them to schedule my GC interview. Lots of delays at USCIS bc of the pandemic and job cuts. Im pretty sure yours is coming up soon!
  3. Thank you! Yes I filed a FOIA for my mom's A-file through their FIRST portal. It took about 4-5 months for them to gather all the documents. They uploaded a PDF of all her documents in the portal. I was able to sift through and find her old i-140 which was stamped as approved back in 2001! Recently submitted my AOS packet to USCIS - hoping they cash my checks soon! Thanks for everyone's input!
  4. Hi everyone, I had a question about AOS through INA 245i LIFE ACT Key info -My mom who petitioned for me is a LPR not USC. -I entered legally on a tourist visa when I was young. -Currently DACA recipient Oct 2015: my mom (LPR) filed a i-130 F2B for me (daughter over 21) April 2020: I got the i-130 approval letter, but it stated I am not eligible for AOS from the documents I provided. Im assuming this is because my mom is only a LPR and it does not forgive overstay. They are sending my documents to NVC for consular processing. However I wont be able to go through consular processing as I have accrued 1+ years of unlawful presence and will incur a 10 year ban if I leave for the interview. My lawyer asked my mom if she had filed any petitions under the 245i act. Her old employer actually petitioned a i-140 for her before the cut off date. We don't have the records so I submitted a FOIA (freedom of information request). My question is - if my mom actually has record of the i-140 that was filed under 245i, would I be able to adjust status through that as a derivative beneficiary? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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