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  1. Am trying to pay immigration fees on ELIS, the form my wife was given with the A no. and Case no. dont work even after adding a 0, prior to the A no., and omitting the A, it still don't work. I noticed the DOS no. changed, the one I have starts with NRB which I think is Nairobi that is not where she did her interview. Her interview was in Addis Ababa which would be ADD when I enter this on the Ellis system it accepts it. Am just not sure if the DOS case no and NVC case no are the same has anyone had a change in DOS no. A no is on the her visa which I confirmed as being the same as was on the paper she was handed.
  2. Any one having a problem paying fees on the Elis system. Am trying to pay the fees $220 before my wife travels it wont let me keeps giving an error message. have added the zero to make the A no. a nine digit. Any help wld be great.
  3. Visa Approved. I want to say thank you to all you VJ members for posting helpful quotes, support and answering questions, even when you were inpatient and frustrated about the visa wait times. It's been a long journey, and for those whose journey is not ended, its just a matter of time. It will be over soon. Thanks to everyone and Merry Christmas.
  4. Oga!! why were you lying in the first place, you got you're self in a spot. Now you have to tell the truth, if that question comes up again coz you don't have divorce papers, unless you gonna make them up, and lie again. Then the lies will catch up with you. You gonna have to go down on you're knees my men. But stay positive, they usually ask have you been denied a visa before? They dont ask why were you denied, and if they do, it was not becoz you were married and had kids, not so?
  5. Call NVC and confirm there is no other RFE and request progress of you case. Also ask to speak to a Tier 2 officer they usually come on the phone per what I have read from other VJ members. About a senator calling NVC or following up am not certain. Hope you're CC comes soon though.
  6. You know the site says you can't check out other applicants status and such,.... Be careful, I know being patient is tough, but we have made it this far.
  7. You should check with DHL first, if they dont have it follow up with the embassy. Nothing to be worried about, it was approved right?
  8. Hi like others have stated, just provide the evidence you have, for IMO you have to take screen shots i.e take a picture of of every msg or call log and then print it out on a word document or whichever is easier. So one more question, if you do talk to you're spouse on IMO why then does you're spouse have to call you on direct line or whatever calling card they use? Coz Metro has unlimited internet and calling, not the best reception but yeah. Also it is cheaper to call from Africa on the internet i.e whatsapp, viber or IMO versus calling on direct line I know that coz am from there too. So it wld not matter who is calling who the internet charges still stand.
  9. MY case closed on the 20 NOV, the wedsite said on transit yesterday, Today it says Ready. I had an expedite though.
  10. Hi, It wld be nice to have a timeline filled in, it does help others here on VJ to track there cases.
  11. I understand you, where my wife is from sometimes the GOV. shuts down the internet and calling dirrectly can be very expensive, just be ready to explain you're self more conversations wld be better though.
  12. I think I have a CC AOS disapperared on the main CEAC site and this other site https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx shows at NVC will call to confirm in the morning. Scan date 10/7 CC tentative 11/21
  13. Thanks Mr. Hanky this link was helpful
  14. I disagree country is not important, starting with America recently you see the high profiles, politicians and celebrities lying left and right. Then the truth comes out. Right now its the time for tell all!! For all the women who have been sexually harassed. And what are the culprits saying or are they, even close to resignation or any of that? Nothing. So even though pple are trying to immigrate to America that does'nt mean that we are all straight here, we got crooks here too. This guy is still in love even at this point he is writing the mail he is not for sure he wants to leave the girl. After reading all the posts pple have warned him if he don't take the advice he will get burnt. But life is all about lessons, you live and learn.
  15. Sorry you're time 11weeks will start after submitting docs