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  1. I'm sorry,. I'm curious if when he was added as an authorized user, those accounts were added as part of his credit history? Not necessarily the score. But account history, payment age of account, utilization etc The only time I had heard of the credit history not transferring is if the card issuer only allows a spouse, or if a SSN wasn't provided. It's awesome he had a credit score already, I'm sure it made everything much smoother. I'm not sure about the other parts of the background check, but my experience is the credit check is almost always included in a rental application. It's a process simple someone could do something about immediately to help establish their spouse in the US.
  2. Yup. Only on the account you add him to. You can decide if you want to give him the actual card or not. The responsibility for the debit is still the primary account holder-you. What we did is add hubby to my longest established accounts. After a month he got great offers to open up lines of his own. He recent opened acct with 50k limit on his own. You just have to wait the month after you add him. Credit cards report to bureaus a couple of days after your closing date. Only then will he have a history. Sign up to credit karma or similar free credit monitoring service. They aren't 100% accurate but will give a ball park score. This will be helpful for any major purchase in the future.. house ..car etc. Good luck!
  3. Does he have any established lines of credit? That's usually what the rental application checks, resulting in a hard query on your credit report. If you have any credit cards try adding him as a fully authorized user.... they should ask for his ssn when adding him. Within a month he will have the benefit of your credit history.
  4. It's going so fast. My husband needs really focus on studying for the exam, I think you're right. He's about to travel home for a couple of months. Might have to come back early (no complaints)
  5. Morning/ afternoon all. Biometrics done this morning. Case completion date changed to Oct19 (5 months). Spreadsheet updated.
  6. I think it varies. We have an estimate of 9 months but some have reported the estimate changing after biometrics. That's tomorrow so we'll see. It seems to depend on your service center too. We filed before our ROC was complete. Also we filed online, super easy and received our biometrics appt notice in 3 days. Head over to the forum. lots of good info.
  7. Hi All! April filer a bit late to the party. Submitted online 4/8, receipt notice 4/9. Biometrics scheduled may 2nd. Estimated completion time Nov 2019.
  8. it looks like @hotmit24 was transfered 3/5/19 and was approves 4/22/19. It's the first entry on the spreadsheet. I hope it's real. I guess he's technically a feb filer he sent it 2/26/18. Fingers crossed!
  9. Good Luck! There are 2 cases from VSC that have been approved. 1 that was transferred texas and one that wasn't. I hope this means that VSC is gearing up and will catch up to CSC soon. It's been painful watching them blow past us
  10. Thanks! We applied April 8th online. We were eligible to file feb 14th, but it took me a whole to get the docs together and we were waiting for our taxes to be done. We're based in boston, I know if we've gotten a office yet. the biometrics are schduled for next week.
  11. HI All March fillers. We were approved!!!!!! My husband just picked up the card from the mail this morning. We're sooo shocked since I just received a " no action on your case" email this morning. VSC filler, biometrics , no interview. I updated the spreadsheet and our timeline. I am stunned and ecstatic. We've been watching all the timelines like a hawk and was pretty sure we had another 2 months at least since VSC has been going so slow compared to CSC. We just want to thank everyone on this site. I found visa journey during my research about K-1 visa. I studied all the guides, the forums and exchanges. We have a 10 year age difference, with me, the woman being older. Our journey K-1 thru ROC took a little under 4 years, no interviews except at the embassy at K-1 stage and 1 RFE because they wouldn't reuse the medical exam. Super smooth!!! We already filed N-400 for citizenship online and have a expected approval date of Nov 2019. I attribute it all to everyone on this site who volunteer their experience so that the people coming behind/after them will have guidance on how to move thru this process, follow the rules and not make errors that might make a generally unpleasant experience even longer. Feel free to ask any questions. I hope I can be as helpful to someone as you have all been to us ❤️
  12. Let me know when u build a time machine and I'll get right on it. Thanks again for the stern words.
  13. This has been addressed several times. Since you are relying to an old post perhaps try reading thru the thread. Thanks for the lecture tho.....
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