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  1. Have any of you gotten biometrics appointment letter from SRC? My husband applied in July. We got the NOA fairly quickly and it was dated 7-19. Haven't heard a thing since then. Someone had posted in another thread SRC is taking a long time to send out Biometrics appointments.
  2. Has anyone else with the Texas Service Center (SRC) gotten anything for biometrics?
  3. My husband's NOA was dated 7/19. His case is also with SRC and we haven't gotten anything for biometrics yet. I had stopped our mail for a bit and went to the post office and nothing as of today 8/15. I am thinking of once we hit 30 days to have him call USCIS customer service.
  4. We filed around the same time as you. My husband's case is with the Texas Service Center. We got his extension letter on the 22nd. We have not received a bio-metrics letter, and I am not sure if there is a way to get a timeline for one or not. Not sure if you can call immigration customer service and see if they can look to see if a letter has posted or not for bio-metrics?
  5. Thank you! I didn't realize there was a new site. It worked this time!
  6. I think everyone gets different results and it depends on which center it's sent to and who handles it! My husband I forgot the text notification form. Ours went like this: 7/17 delivered and signed at Dallas PO Box 7/22 Got NOA with 18 month extension in mail dated 7/19 7/23 Check cashed Cannot check our status online. Says it does not recognize receipt number when we check case status online. My husband's case is with the Texas Service Center. He may have to call for updates and find out why we can't check case status online...
  7. Anybody who got their NOA still unable to look up case status online?
  8. I know legally you are suppose to carry the green card, but my husband never did. He just carries his driver's license and leaves the green card at home. He was too scared of losing it, and I am sure not letting him carry a letter around since he has misplaced stuff before. He would only carry them if he really absolutely needed them like for starting a new job or international travel. Outside of that, are people who got the NOA not able to even see their case online? I just get that the receipt number is not recognized. I am guessing it will be months before we here about bio-metrics since our case is with with the Texas Service Center.
  9. We got the NOA with the 18 month extension. Here is my timeline for the Texas Service Center: 7/17 Package signed for at USCIS Dallas PO Box 7/22 Recieved NOA with 18 Month Extension. It was dated the 19th. The check has not cleared yet surprisingly, but I am guessing it will tomorrow. I tried entering the receipt number on the check the status and it said it did not recognize the receipt number? Not sure what that is about. Maybe they system needs to update. Current processing times for this center are currently estimated 15-19 months.
  10. For those that received the 18-month extension letter, was it 18 months from date of filing or is it 18 months extension from the green card expiration?
  11. Just curious, but how many days are people seeing for payment via check to go through? Our package was picked up from the Dallas PO Box on Wednesday on 7-17. Check not cashed yet. Husband and I were neglectful and forgot to send in the form to get text updates 😕 .
  12. Glad I found this now! My husband I sent in his petition and it was confirmed pickup form the Dallas PO Box on 7-17-19. Heard the processing times are much longer now than they were years ago?
  13. Hi All! My husband I just put in his application for I-751 with all our marriage evidence and sent to it to the Dallas Lockbox. It was confirmed someone signed and picked up package on Wednesday 7/17/19. I know it's early in the process, but I am wondering what exactly we are looking at for a general timeline. We live in Irving, TX and from my understanding the process times are a lot longer than they were couple years ago. He wants to visit his family and things like that, but he's putting it all on hold for now until we get his extension letter.
  14. Thanks, that was what we thought. I was literally going to ask my mom and grandmother for affidavits, which seems pointless since I have cards and photos and such from them to us to show they know the nature of our marriage. Most of my friends live all in other states now or even other countries, so it seems a pain to get any from them. We are gonna stick with all our bills, credit cards, leases, bank accounts, insurances and pets and moving expenses when we relocated for his job.
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