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  1. Yes, but I mean not even notification for approval...like last status case was received or biometrics done and nothing more until GC just arrives in the mail...
  2. If it’s ok, can we keep this topic just to list cities states where people were given same day oaths after the N400 interview. Without long posts and all details. I mentioned just Seattle, North Carolina And South Carolina, and Los Angeles.
  3. Hello, May be anyone had this kind of “experience” when just got theirs 10GC (I751 form) in mail without prior email notification or status updates? The reason why I am asking, as based on my egov uscis status, even my I-130 and I 765 show just “case was received and fee applied”, lol) however, of course they both were approved back in 2017, same as my first GC. For now it’s 1 year and 1 weeks for my I751, SRC...and status everywhere, on my account also just case received. Maybe will it be also silent approval, if it’s possible?... Thanks
  4. Thank you for sharing and big congratulations! So you did not have to wear a mask during the video interview, yes? Just during the waiting?
  5. Congratulations! Did you completion time changed during the office closure, or was it always Oct 2020? Thanks
  6. Hello. Do you still don’t see any document in myaccount.uscis portal? I have same issue...have NOA1 online but no documents, however I definitely submitted them. Sent the request via portal but got strange response like “we weren’t able to call you, submit new request blablabla”...
  7. Hello any updates on your case? I am from Tucson also, filed a couple of days ago...do you still processing time for August? Thanks
  8. Hi! Can you share how was your interview? I am also from Tucson, filed N400 recently...Was it under 3y or 5y rule? Did you have same day oath ceremony? Thanks in advance!
  9. Applied early morning on Monday, online. How long approximately until I see first NOA in my document tab? And will I get any email/sms notification? Thanks
  10. Applied around 1AM. Received for now just payment confirmation. When try to check it online it shows “user defined error”...anyone else has same issue? Or it’s too early?
  11. Just submitted application online 10 minutes ago. Same issue with - - - sign where documents supposed to be. But at least system made a checking and did not mentioned anything wrong with the application...well, hope everything will be ok...will keep you updated...
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