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  1. Hope we will be able at least walk without masks and not just to the grocery store and pharmacies:)) oh, we had so good life before...but never appreciated it😶
  2. It was me) still doing it...but unfortunately all movements now for cases which were filled in Jan/Feb/March 2019 maximum. Afraid we have to wait at least 2 more months without news...plus this delay with Covid...I really hope they will open offices in May...
  3. Hi, I know it’s been long time ago. But was you case approved? If yes, how long did it take and did you have biometrics or they really were able to use the previous ones? Thank you in advance for the answer
  4. Yes, my friend got this RFE also from Texas center. When did you have biometrics?
  5. What service center please? and don’t worry about the bank statements, it’s the standard letter people get about RFE. Just sent more other evidence - joint taxes, insurances, wills, letters from friends, ID with the same address. Everything will be ok! My friend got the same request in Jan, replayed in 2 weeks and was approved shortly after.
  6. I think it’s National Benefit Center as they had the interview and CR1 category. And that center is the quickest one... BTW, yesterday also a lot of people from WAC center, filers in late May-middle of June, were approved...
  7. I am SRC filer. July 2019. No biometrics also. Almost 9 months. Have no idea why. Called them of course, sent requests, they say it’s ok and if I will need biometrics, I will receive an appointment. Anyone knows, is there any cases been approved without the biometrics? When uscis used the previous ones? I am CR6. Had interview and bio in US in 2017....
  8. Google notary who provide services to your location. Or I think notaries at bank should work as always. And answer please from which crevice center did you receive RFE? Texas, California, Nebraska? and when did you file?
  9. Hi, what is the service center and when did you apply? I would recommend to submit some letters form friends confirming your marriage, may be get dental insurance together, it’s not expensive. Some previous Hotel reservations if you traveled.
  10. I would call customer line. Good luck. Keep us posted please
  11. Guys, it did not work when you tried to scan your card at the kiosk or when you type your green card number either?
  12. Each address so, what is you service Center for ROC application?
  13. No need to fly back...just reply with RFE, attach the letter explaining everything. Ask parents to confirm the living situation. Everything will be fine.
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