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  1. Hello everyone, so, unfortunately wasn’t able to have same day oath ceremony in beginning of March in Tucson AZ. And it’s been 2 weeks already since “we placed you in a line to schedule the oath ceremony”...anyone has experience maybe how long will it take ? Thanks.
  2. Did anyone have the same issue when appeared for the interview, passed it (N400), but decision cannot be made because the file is not physically presented at the office... how long was your wait for the decision/placement for the oath ? thanks
  3. Thank you for sharing and congratulations! Did you ask them maybe why 751 took so long?...
  4. Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Was it combo interview? Was you with your spouse?
  5. Thank you so much for the replay. Last question- did you requested the whole A file of yours or just 2 petition in a FOIA request?
  6. Thank you for the replay. Did you have any pages from the request completely blanked like this?
  7. OMG, it’s crazy:..197 fully redacted pages...they also look like this? Attached file. thanks for your replay.
  8. Tell me please, but did you see that redacted file was about his allegations or you just got some redacted/blank papers from FOIA? The reason why I asking, I also submitted this request and just got it today and in shock about how many pages are redacted or completely empty...
  9. Tell me please, they released all your files ? No pages were covered/redacted like because of the “privacy issue”?
  10. Tell me please, I also got today my FOIA requested completed. And it’s kind of strange that they left a lot of pages just empty or redacted, removing information...did it happen with your request also?
  11. Tell me please when you requested your FOIA file, did they provide absolutely all pages and info or some was redacted/sealed/empty pages because of “privacy”, blablabla
  12. I was waiting for your post all day BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Can you please share more about questions for I 751 form? Same basic staff were asked or detailed questions? Thanks again!
  13. Good luck!!! Ask them please tomorrow why where is no biometrics for 751 for us Wish you to get a naturalization certificate tomorrow!!! Keep us posted please!
  14. Congratulations! How long in total did you wait for the 751 approval ? Thanks
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