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  1. Thanks for the reply another question Like i said we had already started the process by sending the I-130 what will happen with that? After a year will it automatically be cancelled?
  2. My husband was brought to the US when he was a minor later he got a removal hearing and neither he or his mother attended so it was signed by the judge. He stayed in the country and later married me a US citizen. Few months back he was stopped during a traffic stop a week after we had sent out his I-130. He was taken to jail and we tried to keep him in the US but the judge reject it and he is about to get deported soon. I talked to my lawyer and he told me due to him nor his parents not attending to his hearing he has a ban for 5 years even if he submits the waver. So my main question is even if we submit the waver he will still have a ban for 5 years? There is no other choice than to stay 5 years out of the US? Thank You
  3. Yeah if you have all your papers well organized you will be good nobody will get rude or frustrated that was my experience
  4. I just had my interview yesterday in taipei and i also had a joint sponsor since i have never done my taxes and have no income I took it just if in case but they didnt even look at it they just took my explanation letter why i haven't done my taxes and my joint sponsor new 2016 tax info its up to you but i would take it just if in case theres no harm in just taking it to make sure plus if they don't need it they wont even ask for it when they pick up your papers before the real interview BTW everyone in the Taiwan embassy was super nice good luck!
  5. Thanks a lot ! I was confused if I HAVE to use AIT's drop off location... We going to the Taiwan's immigration office Right now to grab the missing document and sent it to AIT at the local 郵局office by express too!
  6. sorry I don't understand chinese at all
  7. Hi sorry to bother you again I know you had the 221(g) and had to mail them the missing info Did you mail the info it in the kerr express free drop off location or just mailed it in a normal taiwan post office? Can I just mail it in the normal post office since i live far from taipei and any location for the free drop off location.
  8. Thanks! was there a fee after it changed to ISSUED? do you know is theres a fee to pay to get it deliver? if yes how to pay it thanks a lot!!!!
  9. My husband over stayed with his visa when he was under age and they want more evidence he left the US after turning 18 which he did About my domicile I just said i voted in the last elections and took the emails and they say domicile was ok yay oh about the email not yet we just came back from the interview few hrs ago so maybe later what email?
  10. When we go back to the US we would no longer be staying in the address we put in the ds-260 and were the green card will be mailed. My husband had his interview today and we got the 221(g) we didn't even have time to ask if we could change the address since we weren't approved. The paper we are missing is something very easy so i am not worried of getting denied . Since we just need to mail what is missing and we don't have to go back to the embassy i don't know how to fix this address? Does anybody know how to change it? Thanks for any info
  11. Hi I got my interview today and also got the 221(g) we can get the missing document by tomorrow and mail it too but after that whats the next step? Is there a fee i need to pay online before the visa can be issued and mailed back after the 221(g) is fixed? Can you tell me your experience with the 221(g) and how you mailed the missing paper? in the drop box? it would really help me thanks very much
  12. yeah thats what we think too thanks another question.. when we register for the the document delivery in www.ustraveldocs.com/tw in the dashboard that you see when you log in after creating the account in one square it says "No appointment is currently scheduled." We did print the confirmation to bring to the interview at the end i am just not sure if its normal for it to say "No appointment is currently scheduled" when we have it in a few days. Did you experience the same?