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  1. Hello Guys, I have a question regarding visa re-issue. My wife has her IR-1 granted in April and expired in June but the offer has "granted" our extension/reissue by email in May due to the current pandemic situation. We live in Macau and there is only one General consulate in Hong Kong which is 1 hour away by ship. However, the border is virtually closed on both cities (14 days of mandatory guarantee in Hong Kong and 14 more days when one travels back to Macau) since June 2020 so this is not a realistic choice for such quarantining. I have emailed consulate but there is no definite answer if there will be any negative impact for the extended delay. The officer has simply rescheduled for August but the bord restriction has been extended again to September due to the new outbreak there! Any idea for the time limit before we can get our visa re-issue? Thanks!
  2. Sorry guys, maybe this question has been answered...but I can't found a solid answer based on my search and thank you for your help in the advance!
  3. I have encountered the same, but had overcome the requirement by putting all the items mentioned above plus friends' supporting letters and better be overkill then sorry, good luck!
  4. I have heard this from somewhere online. So there is no need to get a finger print and just pay for the fees and enter any port of entry in U.S. (Could it be any? The reason why I am asking is because of the current pandemic situation). Then she can basically return the next day? Sorry, please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Hello Lucky, Due to my family reason, she needs to take settle down her own stuff before moving. Doesn't she need to get a finger print before departing the states?
  6. Dear all, My wife' visa was issued 10 days ago but due to the travel restriction it's still got stuck in the consulate region.. Anyhow, I was wondering what do I need to prepare before my wife enter the US before June like immigrate fees on USCIS website? Does she need to schedule an appoint for finger print? Sorry I might sound dumb but I would need some advice on this, thanks and stay safe there everyone!
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