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  1. Need to verify this ??? Got different answer here...
  2. I'm reading the instruction here and can someone explain more me? I'm confused myself https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 - From the instruction ----- Myself, conditional resident = petitioner ----- Myself, conditional resident - petitioner - SIGN part 7 ????? The person listed in Part 4 is my spouse, US Citizen - Should US Citizen sign Part 8 ????
  3. omg thanks - good thing I'm questioning myself and ask here ... gotta switch
  4. Can someone confirm this for me: Petitioner: Myself - a conditional green card holder - sign on Page 7 My spouse: US Citizen - sign on Page 8
  5. the IRS finally working to get online transcript
  6. My 90 day window opens today. Still did not send the package because I'm missing tax transcript from IRS and state. Waiting for state transcript at the moments so I can send them...
  7. can you show us the thread please?
  8. I have about 200 pages of documents - is that too little or a lot? submit all the usual stuff (tax return, flight confirmation etc) Thinking if I should do phone bill...seems a little bit excessive but I guess better than none
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/forms-filing-tips ---- Here is the tip. Im going to use 2 hole punchers and fastener
  10. Did you guys having a problem with getting IRS transcript. The page is shut down ...
  11. 2 hole punchers and a fastener for me
  12. Hello there, San Francisco office is not taking Infopass appointment AT ALL !!! Do you guys have any experience scheduling through the provided phone number? How long is the process to get passport stamp? How does the stamps look like? Long story short, going to Bahamas in May (GC expired in April), worry that they will not let me enter the Bahamas without a valid green card. And my Vietnamese passport is required visa to enter the Bahamas
  13. is extension letter = NOA1 ?? is that the receipt of my ROC application?
  14. helllo, my conditional GC expired in April, thinking to go on a oversea trip. im sending documents next week, will I receive extension by April? or what else will I receive to get back to the states?
  15. Hello, I'm coming from Jan 2019 filers. Can anyone explain why it is an issue if your case is moving to local office?