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  1. Hello, my 18month extension letter expired in 10/2020. What is the process to do so I can travel outside in 11/2020? Thanks
  2. 2/29/2019: Receive 18-month extension letter (2 pages)
  3. Is receipt notice = NOA 18 month-extension letter ? this is what have from checking my case online ( I used USCIS app ) The top part that is not included just mentioned they received it Jan 22nd
  4. I have WACxxxxxxx receipt number. Anyone in the same boat?
  5. or may be simple as you and your spouse did not sign the form. keep calm and review the situations
  6. try state tax return, my california transcript shows all W-2s in the year
  7. Can we all add our timeline in the signature ? So we can all compare and feel somewhat comfortable that so many people are in the same boat about this waiting game 😬
  8. Need to verify this ??? Got different answer here...
  9. I'm reading the instruction here and can someone explain more me? I'm confused myself https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 - From the instruction ----- Myself, conditional resident = petitioner ----- Myself, conditional resident - petitioner - SIGN part 7 ????? The person listed in Part 4 is my spouse, US Citizen - Should US Citizen sign Part 8 ????
  10. omg thanks - good thing I'm questioning myself and ask here ... gotta switch
  11. Can someone confirm this for me: Petitioner: Myself - a conditional green card holder - sign on Page 7 My spouse: US Citizen - sign on Page 8
  12. My 90 day window opens today. Still did not send the package because I'm missing tax transcript from IRS and state. Waiting for state transcript at the moments so I can send them...
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